10 Akon Songs That Will Bring You Back to Middle School

If you grew up in the 2000’s, listening to Akon now is like digging up a time capsule and being transported back to a time reminiscent of braces, ill-fitting clothing, pimples, and painfully awkward encounters. Akon probably didn’t intend for his albums to guide dorky kids through puberty, but nonetheless his voice was the soundtrack to many clumsy memories. Here are 10 songs that will bring you back to a lovely middle-school moment:


1. Smack That


What a boogie-inducing beat. This is what we listened to in preparation for those big middle school dances in the cafeteria ( even though it meant hiding your iPod from your parents because the song was marked in iTunes with a big red EXPLICIT).

2. Don’t Matter


This song was an ode to that boy you had a crush on but your friends didn’t like him so you were forced to decide either to let him go or “Fight for our right to love, yeahhhh

3. Lonely


Lonely was perfect for when your friends went to the mall but didn’t invite you and you didn’t find out until Becca mentioned it at lunch so after school you went home and listened to Lonely on repeat and felt sorry for yourself.

4. I Wanna Love You


Never mind that this song is actually about a stripper–in your mind, it was about that one person you daydreamed about every day after lunchtime instead of learning algebra.

5. Once in a While

God please hold it down for me
Don’t let satan get ahold of me


This song was played to inspire you to stay home and study for that big Life Science test instead of going out to meet your friends at the park and do hoodrat things.

6. I Am Not My Hair


Even though Akon just had a minor part in this, he had us feeling all soulful and reflective on the awkward and questionable hairstyle choices of puberty.

7. Blown Away

See I ain’t never shot nobody
But I’m known for fightin’
So when I strike man
You’ll think you been struck by lightning


When you were having a bad day, you’d choose this song and crank the dial up on your trusty old iPod’s volume dial. People should know better than to mess with you.

8. Sorry, Blame it On Me


This was a song to listen to when you really messed up, like when you told a secret you shouldn’t have or sat with someone else at the cafeteria or accidentally flirted with a person who was off-limits.

9. Beautiful

And I never wanna tell a lie, lie, lie
Said I never wanna see you cry, cry, cry
And I never wanna tell a lie, lie, lie

Akon performs live at Sound in Leicester Square, central London, for one of Capital 95.8's intimate 'Face to Face' gigs. ... 21-07-2007 ... Photo by: Guy Levy/EMPICS Entertainment.URN:4872111

How inspiring this was, at 15 years old.

10. Sunny Day

Searched high and low, so close, yet so far to go

I just know, there’s a sunny day


This song–I think–is about jail. So of course in middle school, it meant looking forward to the day that the school doors burst open at 3:30 and we were all free for the summer.


Author: Cecilia

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