10 Alternative Vacations You Can Take This Break

Most college breaks are spent chilling with the parents, locked in your dorm, or partying it up with friends. Escape the mundane and try out one of these alternative vacations next break!

1. Alternative Service Break


Call “voluntourism” by  many, ASBs are a chance to see the world and do some good in the process. Most schools have these opportunities available, but if not, there are plenty of online resources like volunteerabroad.com that can show you your options.

2. Volunteering


You don’t have to go away to volunteer; your local community needs a little help. Volunteer at your local food pantry, museum, or any place that peaks your interests.

3. Road Trip


Grab some friends (or go solo) and set off to a destination. Though you only have about a week, that doesn’t mean a local road trip couldn’t be just as fun. See your surrounding states or maybe hit up some historical landmarks.

4. Visit Family


Say your grandmother lives 100 miles away and you haven’t talked to her in AGES…wouldn’t this be the perfect opportunity to go see grammy? Get some free milk and cookies and have some good old bonding time.

5. Stay-cation


You work, you study, you are social, and by the time break rolls around, you are drained. A stay-cation allows you to avoid everyone and have some “me” time so that you are ready to get back to the grind after break.

6. Local trip


You know that tiny small town that is renowned for it’s art scene? Or that big city that’s only a few hours away? This is the best time for you to head on over. With a short break, you would be able to see and do tons without spending too much money.

7. Couch surfing


Callie moved to Atlanta, Joe moved to Philly, and Candice moved to NYC. A person might see nothing but distance, but you see opportunity! Give one of these guys a call and see what they are up to. Ask to crash on their couch so you can explore the city with them. 

8. Netflix Binge


Wherever you are, this is doable. Find one or two shows and binge until you can’t binge no more! Make sure you have a balance between comedy and drama so your break doesn’t become too serious. Also, don’t forget to pair your shows with some delicious snacks!

9. High School Friends Trip


Since college started, you haven’t really talked to the old squad. Well, there ain’t no time like the present! Message them and see if you can all get together for one little trip and reconnect over old memories and new experiences.

10. Creative Projects


Maybe you’ve always wanted to write a novel, paint a mountain, or perhaps you planned to go cliff diving in a quarry. This is your chance! Take this break and create something new.

Author: Sandy

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