10 Most Annoying Facebook Habits

  1. Oversharing — no one cares how many times you bonked your boyfriend, nor do people care about your trip to the Harris Teeter.


2. Bragging — I look back on old Facebook status, and I cringe. Every time I got a job or got a good grade, I felt the need to post it on Facebook, which is obnoxious. Bragging doesn’t have to be obvious; it can be as simple as always posting your success and never mentioning your failures.
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3. Posting old photos — 1-2 kid photos are cute. Flood my newsfeed with them, and it gets annoying. What do you want me to say, “aww you were such an adorable kid” or “wow you were ugly but then you got HOT”?
4. Sharing stuff like “Look at these starving children from Africa” or any sentimental garbage that says, “1 like = 1 prayer.” I honestly don’t see this as much because I unfriended all those people.
5. Overly positive garbage — also guilty. I just wanted to let people know when I was happy, but since I know how I really felt overall, it comes off as phony and insincere.
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6. Complaining too much — when 1/2 of your Facebook status are complainants, you start to paint an ugly picture of yourself.
7. Political garbage — there is nothing wrong with sharing the occasional article or viewpoint, but when it comes to the point of sharing misleading or offensive propaganda, the temptation to unsubscribe grows unbearable.
8. Reposts — sharing funny stuff is awesome — if it’s original. If it’s on Facebook, it’s probably been posted many, many times before. Do not make Facebook your personal image macro board — there are other sites for that.
9. Fishing for compliments or attention — it can be as obvious as posting “Why does everyone hate me?” to as subtle as posting dozens of selfies a week. Either way using Facebook as your personal source of affirmation is really unhealthy, not to mention annoying.
10. General stupidity — if you are not careful, you can embarrass yourself. See below.
Got any Facebook habits or pet peeves you find annoying? Feel free to share them below.

Author: Kristi

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