10 Dillon Francis Facts You Didn’t Know

Dillon Francis is becoming one of the biggest names in the EDM industry. After the success of his first full-length album, “Money Sucks, Friends Rule,” Francis released “This Mixtape is Fire,” his eleventh EP in August. Before you start playing his electric remixes at your next party, here are 10 Dillon Francis facts you should know:

10. Francis has collaborated with huge EDM names including Calvin Harris, Skrillex, DJ Snake and others. He even teamed up with Panic! At the Disco’s Brendon Urie for “Love in the Middle of a Firefight,” on his first album. 


9. The DJ originally wanted to be a photographer. After graduating from high school, he attended Santa Monica College and interned for photographers as a young student. After dropping out and living in Atlanta briefly, he moved back in with his parents in Los Angeles to work on his music.

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8. He has created a huge social media fan base by creating six different Instagram personalities, each of which he posts videos disguised as. One of his most popular characters, DJ Hanzel, has even “opened” for Dillon at house concerts! 

Meet the Characters:

  1. DJ Rich as F***: A wealthy disc jockey under pressure to keep up with his competitors
  2. DJ Hanzel: A dedicated house DJ from Germany who is on a constant quest to go “vun deeper”
  3. Becky: DJ Rich as F***’s girlfriend
  4. Treva: A racist-hating Australian teenager
  5. Greg: A 26-year-old recent divorcee who offers relationship advice
  6. Rave Dad: A long-time rave enthusiast with 6 children

Dj Hanzel Vienna cribs edition! (Full cribs up on my snapchat: dillonfrancis)

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7. Francis has had a long-time fear of the popular alien, E.T., mostly because of his long fingers. When he was younger, he would have dreams that E.T. would tickle him to death.  

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6. One of his favorite people to hang out with is DJ/musician, Zedd. Why? Because “he’s German.” Just kidding. Francis enjoys spending time with his friend and having fun outside of the studio. They even went to Disneyland together back in June 2014. 


5. On his website, Francis not only sells t-shirts, hats and novelty items, but also offers unique services like offering to get a tattoo of Hello Kitty saying “Germany,” or to prank call your mom in the middle of the night. But be wary, most come with a pretty hefty price tag; prices range anywhere from $1,000 to $20 million (all proceeds are donated to charity)! 

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4. Francis self-proclaims he is serious about “nothing,” except, of course, suits. He says he always wanted to be in a job where he could wear a suit. When he was 18, he worked for the Swedish clothing company, J Lindeberg, where his love for suits first originated. It seems like he and Barney Stinson would get along well!



3. On his new EP, the DJ revisits the moombahton genre, a mix of house and reggaeton that Francis loved in his early career. You can also find moombahton-inspired tracks on “Money Sucks, Friends Rule.”


2. He was born and raised in Los Angeles, California, near the Trader Joes in Culver City. Growing up in L.A., he would promote at local clubs before he started headlining his own shows.

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1. His song “Get Low,” with DJ Snake, was featured in a Taco Bell commercial as well as in the box office hit, “Furious 7.”


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