10 Facts You Should Know About Cody Christian

Actor Cody Christian may only be 20 years old, but that hasn’t stopped him from pursuing an extensive acting career. He emerged in Hollywood in 2006, and has since made appearances on HBO, ABC and MTV. If you aren’t caught up on “Pretty Little Liars,” or “Teen Wolf,” take a look at these 10 facts you should know about one of Hollywood’s youngest, most promising stars.

10. Cody Christian currently stars as the secretive, somewhat-troubled Mike Montgomery on ABC Family’s “Pretty Little Liars,” as well as the scheming Theo Raeken on MTV’s “Teen Wolf.” He has also made guest appearances on “Grey’s Anatomy,” and “True Blood.” He seems to have an affinity for the gore!


9. Christian is a huge fan of scary movies! His favorites? The classics, like “Halloween,” and “The Exorcist.” He says his mother was a huge Steven King fan while he was growing up, so of course he also loved the film adaptation of “It.” However, he still can’t get his girlfriend to watch them with him!

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8. The actor enjoys bodybuilding and working on his physique. When he was a teenager he participated in many sports, but was unable to keep up with them when he moved to Los Angeles. He even dressed up as a 1980’s bodybuilder for Halloween this year!



7. Sorry ladies, the 20-year-old heartthrob has a girlfriend (*sobs*). Cody has been dating long-time girlfriend Talia Maxine for over two years now. They enjoy going to Disneyland and Universal Studios together and share a love for cute animals.



6. Cody’s mom, Ashley Bohall, was diagnosed with breast cancer in April 2014. Cody and his mom are super close, cooking healthy meals and running 5k’s together. If you follow her on twitter (@ashley_bohall) you can get access to exclusive baby pictures of Cody, and a link to her crowd-funding page to help her on her road to recovery.

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5. The “Pretty Little Liars,” star not only has acting chops, but can also rap…and well, at that. Christian and his friend, Kenny Kynoch, recorded a cover of Tech N9ne’s “Fragile,” in which the actor shows off his unexpected talent. If you haven’t heard it yet, check it out. You won’t be sorry!


4. Christian felt a lot of pressure picking up a new role on season 5 of MTV’s “Teen Wolf.” The show first aired in 2011, and ever since fans have flocked to the teen drama. With such huge fan bases already established, Christian knew it was going to be difficult being the new kid on the block.

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3. Cody LOVES cats! His girlfriend gifted him an adorable calico kitten last Christmas that he describes as his “princess.” He often posts Instagram photos of him and Athena taking naps together and hanging out at home. Too cute!



2. He currently has two films awaiting release: “Submerged,” a tale of friends who try to survive a kidnapping as their car sinks in a canal, and “Killing Animals,” a film about young, troubled, California teenagers that also stars James Franco. His next big career goal is to star as the lead in a studio film.

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1. Cody Christian has mixed ethnicity! His mother is Native American, and his IMDb profile lists both the former and Caucasian as his two ethnicities. When he joined the cast of Teen Wolf, fans were excited that a minority character would soon be represented on the show.




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