10 Lyrics That Prove Halsey is a 21st Century Poet

Halsey is the pseudonym of pop artist Ashley Frangipane. She adopted the name Halsey from a subway stop in New York and has been steadily gaining popularity in the gritty electro-pop sphere. Her debut album, Badlands, was released in August 2015 and is full of songs with lyrics that make you reevaluate your life and your relationships.



You were red and you liked me because I was blue
You touched me and suddenly I was a lilac sky
And you decided purple just wasn’t for you


2. Haunting

I’ve got a boyfriend now and he’s made of gold

And you’ve got your own mistakes in a bed at home


3. Young God

If there’s a light at the end, it’s just the sun in your eyes
I know you wanna go to heaven but you’re human tonight


4. Strange Love

We wrote a story in the fog on the windows that night
But the ending is the same every damn time


5. New Americana
Survival of the richest, the city’s ours until the fall.
They’re Monaco and Hamptons bound, but we don’t feel like outsiders at all.


6. Drive

Your laugh echoes down the hallway
Carves into my hollow chest,
Spreads over the emptiness
It’s bliss


7. Coming Down

I found the Devil
I found him in a lover
And his lips like tangerines
And his color coded speak



I’m a wanderess
I’m a one night stand
Don’t belong to no city
Don’t belong to no man


9. Control

And I couldn’t stand the person inside me
I turned all the mirrors around


10. Colors

I know I’ve only feel religion when I’m lying with you


Author: Cecilia

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