10 Must-Watch Bad Movies

1) The Room  


“It’s difficult to make any sort of movie, good or bad, but to make a movie that’s so bad it’s good you need vision, drive, luck and obsessive vanity. Fortuitously, The Room’s writer/producer/director/star Tommy Wiseau appears to possess all of these qualities, combined with a total lack of acting talent.” — Steve Rose, The Guardian


2) Birdemic: Shock and Terror 


“Birdemic, which literally has no ending, is actually two totally different movies, linked mostly by their complete, hilarious crapitude.” — Matt Pais, metromix.com

3) Miami Connection


“There’s no reason to discuss the plot, because there isn’t one. At least, not one that makes any logical sense. But, boy, did they try. It’s all just an excuse for poorly shot, haphazardly choreographed fight scenes broken up by overly literal musical interludes, some of which feature the martial arts performers “playing” the harmless pop-derived music themselves.” — Rob Payne, Pajiba

4) Troll 2


“This in-name only sequel to the 1986 horror has a family moving into the town of Nilbog (say it backwards, people, to discover this movie’s original title) and encountering a tribe of little monsters in fright masks and potato sacks who do the radical-vegetarian bidding of a hag whose modus operandi is liquefying her victims into plant goo. Or something. Cheerfully idiotic, with universally terrible performances, Troll 2 was recently celebrated in an entertaining documentary called Best Worst Movie” — Michael Adams, Rotten Tomatoes

5) Terror In Beverly Hills 


“‘Greatest Movie Ever!!!…A realistic plot, slam bang effects, and the greatest and most handsome man ever to grace the screen.’ It’s got action, it’s got Pepsi product placement, it’s got full frontal nudity! It’s got STALLONE! What more could you ask for?” — Cameron Coker, Supercult Show

6) Sharknado


“Every so often, something comes along that puts a skip in your step, makes your heart flutter, and sets your imagination ablaze with possibility. It might be a song, or a place, or even just a smile. If you’re really lucky, though, it’ll be a swirling mass of bloodthirsty sharks.” — Caroline Framke, avclub

7) Deadly Prey


“The greatest action movie ever made. No irony. No so-bad-it’s-good bullshit — it’s so good, it’s great! Try to imagine if Rambo was playing The Most Dangerous Game in a Battle Royale, but more homoerotic somehow. It’s hard to describe a movie like this without putting on denim short-shorts, oiling yourself up, and serving a knuckle sandwich to everyone within a mile radius.” — Jarett Wieselman, Buzzfeed

8) Exterminator 2


“James Glickenhaus’s The Exterminator was one of the most popular and notorious early 80s grindhouse flicks, so Golan and Globus naturally saw fit to resurrect it a few years later and give it the Cannon treatment, which in this case means an moronic sequel that dumbs down the original’s subtext. And when your original film involves a deranged Vietnam vet blowtorching scumbags to death, it’s not that far to the bottom of the barrel, anyway. Rest assured, though, the Cannon group blasts their way there in a hurry with Exterminator 2, a film that’s soaked in so much 80s action excess that it plays like an unwitting parody of its predecessor.” — Brent Gallman, Oh The Horror

9) Titanic 2


“Shane Van Dyke was having a laugh when he made this. The effects were a total joke, looked like a PC game from about 10 years ago. The story was madness (an 800mph tsunami forces an iceberg into the path of the titanic). James Cameron must have been laughing his head off. Acting was awful, can’t believe any actors would star in this film even for money. If you have 2 hours of your life you don’t want to get back, you should watch this film. Almost so bad it’s actually good. ” — Titanic II Reviews, IMDB

10) Theodore Rex


“In the movie, Whoopi’s cop character is forced to become partners with a dinosaur against her will. The twist? In real life, she was forced to become partners with a dinosaur against her will. Theodore Rex starred Whoopi Goldberg because she was legally forced to be in it.” — Phil Edwards, Trivia Happy

Author: Kristi

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