10 Things That Happen When You’re in a Sorority with Your Best Friend

Being in a sorority is an amazing thing. You have so many girls you can count on and call your sisters, but it is even more special when you’re in a sorority with your best friend. And when the two of you are together, there are some things that are just to be expected.

1)  You spend more time together than most best friends could probably handle. Not only do you have chapter, date functions, socials, tailgates, service projects, and more together, you also need one on one time which calls for girl’s nights most days of the week. You might even live together, but even if you don’t, people just assume you do because you’re basically attached at the hip.


2) You have a picture from every single sorority function throwing what you know together. No joke, every single one. Not to mention almost every other place you go (football games, the beach, the grocery store….). If you want to take a picture and you don’t know anyone around, you find a sweet little soccer mom to take it for you. On special occasions, you ask attractive guys to stop and take it for you because how could they resist you and your BFF?


3) Matching shirts, bows, outfits, lives, etc. Most people out grow the “ooo we’re best friends so we should dress alike” phase after middle school, but having 50+ matching shirts makes it so easy to do. And even when you’re not decked out in sorority swag, you tend to buy similar clothes without meaning to (matching brains, you’re always thinking alike), so you might as well go all in and dress alike every chance you get.


4) Having a definite +1 to all date functions because you’re single and her boyfriend’s back home. All of the other sisters who have boyfriends at school bring them to date functions, but the two of you show up with no men and a plan to steal the dance floor. She knows all of your moves anyway and with no men around whose opinion matters, you can dance like a crazy person and have the time of your lives together. You know no man could beat her company anyways.

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5) There is no such thing as a secret. You are practically always together, so it’s hard to hide anything. And on the rare occasions that you’re apart, you can’t wait until you can call her and dish about your terrible date, weird classmate, or about the cute guy that rang you up at Target. Full disclosure at all times.

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6) You’re clothes are hers, her clothes are yours. It’s like having two closets, but only paying for one of them. There have been events that you’ve had nothing to wear, and you end up wearing an entire outfit out of your best friend’s closet. All of your sisters compliment your outfit, to which you reply “Oh it’s not mine”. Between both of your closets, you practically own half of Lilly Pulitzer.

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7) Scrolling through your Insta, 15 out of your last 20 pictures are of you and your best friend. It’s hard to post anything else when you look so cute at all of your events! Especially when you aren’t really with anyone else. What other pictures would you post?

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8) Your (real) family has adopted her. They know she’s your “sister” but they treat her as your actual sister. She always talks to your mom before you hang up the phone, and your dad asks how things are going with her. They know she’s never leaving, so they’ve adopted her as their own.

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9) You already have big plans for your wedding (even though you don’t even have a boyfriend) for pictures with her. Not only can you take fun Maid of Honor pictures with her, you can throw what you know in your wedding dress (yassssss).

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10You’re so close to her it’s not enough to call her your best friend, so it’s only suiting you call her your sister. Whether the sorority brought you together or you knew each other before, your sisterhood has brought you so much closer together and you know that you wouldn’t trade her for the world.

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