10 Things To Know about Sam Hunt

Georgia dreamboat Sam Hunt entered the country music scene a little over a year ago with his debut album Montevallo. The 29-year-old artist mixes country with R&B for a smooth sound that had many of us giving Luke Bryan a break and instead singing along to Leave the Night On. While his newly-dropped acoustic mixtape Between the Pines is climbing the ranks on Spotify, here are some facts to know about Sam:

1. Sam didn’t even consider a music career until he picked up a buddy’s guitar at 18 years and didn’t want to put it down.


2. He was a philosophy major and football player at the University of Alabama- Birmingham.


3. After college, he had a brief stint as a free agent for the Kansas City Chiefs.


4. His favorite writing spot is a woodshed behind his house.


5. Sam’s style is unique in that it blends R&B and country music, two genres that seldom mesh. He says he’s inspired by artists like Ed Sheeran and Drake, artists who push the boundaries of current genres.

LATE NIGHT WITH SETH MEYERS -- Episode 0102 -- Pictured: Musical guest Sam Hunt performs on September 24, 2014 -- (Photo by: Lloyd Bishop/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images)

6. He has a rescue cat named Dandelion.

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7. Sam is skeptical of the term “Bro Country”–he considers his own music to be a more progressive subgenre of country music.sam-hunt-2014-promo-650x400

8. Montevallo, his first album, is named after the Alabama hometown of a former flame.


9. Sam is the writer of Keith Urban’s hit Cop Car. He said the song is inspired from true events.


10. At 22, Sam moved to Nashville and parked cars for a hospital to pay the rent while he chased his dream of playing music. And the rest is history. Check out his new album on Spotify!



Author: Cecilia

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