10 Things You Want To Know About Chase Rice

Chase Rice gives 100% to everything he does. Whether it’s drinking a Jack and Coke, performing on tour with Kenny Chesney, or playing college football, the country music star goes hard. Before cranking up the volume on his album “Ignite the Night,” take a look at these 10 fun facts about the unique singer.


10. His first full-length album, “Ignite the Night,” was released on his late father’s birthday. Rice’s father, Daniel, died in 2008 before ever seeing his son perform on stage. But Daniel had a major role in Chase’s music career. When he was younger, he and Chase’s mother were the first ones to hear Chase sing. The musician performed “Anything But Mine,” by Kenny Chesney and “Friends in Low Places,” by Garth Brooks. As a reward, his father bought him a guitar he had long been wishing for.



9. “Ready Set Roll,” was the first single released from his EP of the same name and performed extremely well on the charts. The song hit certified gold and was the second best-selling country song in it’s debut week. Rice is widely known for writing and performing his own songs, being listed as co-writer of the majority of songs on his album. One of his favorites? “Carolina Can,” a song about his experiences growing up in North Carolina and attending the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.


8. Not only can he sing, but he’s athletic too. He was ranked as one of the top 25 high school players in North Carolina by The Charlotte Observer, and received a scholarship to play linebacker at UNC-Chapel Hill. He injured his left ankle in the season opener of his junior year, but recovered in time to play every game of his senior year. During recovery, he adopted the motto, “Head down, eyes up,” to describe his situation. He often wears a hat with the acronym HDEU on the front.



7. Did you know that Rice co-wrote the Florida Georgia Line mega-hit “Cruise?” In an interview with Taste of Country, Rice says that the song originally began as a slow ballad, but developed into what we all know and love. The song took 45 minutes to write, and Rice made big bucks as the song peaked at #4 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. The musician used the money to help fund his own album and tour.



6. Before Chase Rice became Chase Rice he competed on the wildly popular reality show Survivor: Nicaragua. He was placed on the La Flor tribe with other younger contestants. Throughout the show, he was criticized for his untrustworthiness and tendency to make rash decisions. He placed second on the show behind Jud Birza, and won $100,000. He was also voted the 10th most attractive contestant in Survivor history on the 15 year anniversary of the show.



5. Despite earning impressive chart status with his album “Ignite the Night,” Rice is proud of the fact that he is an independent artist without a contract with a record label. This means that he has personally paid for all of the necessary recording and promotion for all of his music. The best part of being independent? He has complete control over what kind of songs he writes, and how and when he writes them.



4. Rice is a proud supporter of the good ‘ole U S of A. Whenever he arrives in a new city while on tour, one of the first things he does is Google ‘American made products’ that are produced in the area and seeks them out. He also enjoys exploring the college football facilities in nearby towns, and sometimes requests to get in a quick workout at their stadium.



3. The multi-talented artist had vocal surgery at the end of 2014 to correct a polyp that had formed on one of his vocal cords. He had recently completed his “Ignite the Night” tour and was preparing to tour with Kenny Chesney early the next year when he decided on the surgery that had potentially dire consequences for his career. He had to remain silent for 2 weeks after, an experience he describes as “awesome,” because he finally got a chance to relax. He now feels like his voice sounds better and his overall vocal health is improved.




2. This year, Rice was a nominee for ACM Awards “New Artist of the Year,” and took a unique approach to increase votes. Every year, finalists for the award create funny videos in an attempt to attract more voters. Rice decided to strip down to his boxers for his video, an idea that sat very well with most of his target audience. His video includes flashbacks of all of his big accomplishments within the last couple of years, as well as a voiceover saying “That all got me right here. Walking through this field. Butt a– naked.” Watch for yourself!


1. One of his newest hobbies is woodworking. When he was recovering from vocal surgery, he realized that his home needed better furnishing. As a result, he went and bought one single piece of furniture before realizing he could create unique, custom pieces for much lower prices. He is self-taught and creates pieces to go in his own home. His favorite piece so far? His dining room table that converts to an air hockey table. Very cool!


Author: Stampi

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