The 11 Best Candies of the 90s

If you were born in the 90s you grew up in the golden age of Disney movies, sitcoms, and possibly the best candy ever manufactured. There are a few that you probably think about often and that are still made to this day. Here are the 11 best candies of the 90s:

1) Wonderball

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If you never had one of these, are you a 90s baby? The chocolate outer shell contained candy on the inside along with some sort of toy. They had all kinds of themes, from popular movies such as Toy Story and Bug’s Life or shows like Spongebob and Pokémon. They might possibly be the best thing you’ve ever eaten. Unfortunately, they haven’t been made in several years, but hopefully they will make their epic return some day soon.

2) Lipstick sucker

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You probably had these shoved in pockets, pencil cases, and mini purses from Claire’s. Boys and girls alike tried pretending these were like ChapStick before devouring them, which wasn’t the best idea since they weren’t the smoothest things in the world. After a few sucks and failed attempts at lipsticking, you ended up just biting them off or using them as a makeshift lightsaber against your sibling.

3) Kazoozles

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They were wired, long, sort of sweet and sour, and were very fun to play with. Kazoozles were a bizarre Wonka candy that took a hiatus and were reintroduced as Sweet Tarts Soft and Chewy ropes. They have the same weirdly satisfying taste, just under a new name.

4) Chupa Chups Lollipops

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The awesome ice cream flavored suckers that were almost as satisfying as a visit to TCBY or Baskin Robbins. The swirled ice cream flavors of chocolate and vanilla, vanilla and strawberry, or chocolate and strawberry had you begging your mom for “just one more” every time you finished one. There were also many more flavors that made it hard to choose just one!

5) Candy necklace or bracelet

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Not only was this the most stylish candy on the block, but it was delicious too! No doubt a few of your elementary school teachers kept these in the sought after treasure box. And no doubt you rocked them for the rest of the school day (at least until you ate them). And a time or twelve, you might have had a rainbow smeared on your neck where the candy dye rubbed off on your skin, but it’s okay because you rocked that too.

6.) Ouch! Bubble Gum

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You remember these from back in the day when you were a doctor (so what your only patients were stuffed animals). This fun bubble gum came in a tin and was packaged as bandaids! They didn’t do a great job at fixing boo-boos, but they did a great job of tasting wonderful!

7) Plastic Fruit Powdered Candy

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You forgot about these didn’t you?! When your mom told you to eat more fruits, who’s to say she didn’t mean these? Each candy came in an individual plastic container shaped like a fruit and had powder inside that tasted like that particular fruit. These were the like Pixy Stix, but bigger and better!

8) Whistle Pops

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Who got into trouble with Whistle Pops at school? Everyone should be raising their hand. These strongly flavored suckers not only tasted amazing, but you could blow into them and they would whistle! The more self-control you had while eating your sucker, the longer your whistle would last. Let’s just say I never had a whistle for more than 5 minutes.

9) Sour Altoids

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If you’re a fan of sour flavors, this was the ultimate candy. For a limited time, Altoids made sour Altoids in apple, mango, and tangerine flavors…and they were perfect. For some unknown reason though, the company discontinued them. Yet another cause we should petition to bring back!

10) Lollipop Paint Shop

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These unique little candies brought out your inner artist. The base of the candy was shaped like a paint bucket full of flavored powder and was accompanied by a paintbrush lollipop. You would lick the paintbrush, dip it in the bucket, then paint your tastebuds with a fun color and flavor!

11) Dunkaroos

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Technically, this isn’t a candy, but its sweet and amazing and totally 90s, so we’ll let it slide. Dunkaroos were graham crackers shaped like Kangaroos that were dunked (hence the name) into a funfetti icing. There were also variations with chocolate icing, strawberry icing, and plain vanilla icing. The mix of the flavors was completely on point. Though these aren’t sold to the masses anymore, you can still find them every once in a while in an off-brand grocery store.

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