11 College Professors You Have Had

Every year it’s a new batch of college professors, and every year they get even weirder.

  1. Dr. Timothy Tenure


    So old his textbooks are cheap, never at office hour(s), relies on tenure to have job security, attendance policy is “It’s your money.”


  2. Frank


    “Call me by my first name,” fresh out of grad school, the syllabus either has way too much or way too little, has extra credit questions on every exam


  3. Ms. Carrington


    Treats you all like grade-schoolers, knows everyone’s names, says things like “now class let’s pay attention,” looks like she could snap at any moment


  4. Waldo Wanderlust


    Traveled the world, has a story for everything, always has ads for study abroad or Alternative Service Breaks


  5. Dr. Unsure


    Extremely bookish and nerdy, doesn’t quite know how to teach, changes the syllabus daily to add more readings only to realize at the end of the course that you didn’t have enough time

  6. Dr. C


    Wants to be your best friend, always ready to accommodate, buddies up with random students, unorthodox teaching methods –Usually a psych professor

  7. Sergeant Killa


    Maybe former military…but probably just a hard-ass, no late assignments, no early assignments, no office hours, no fun

  8. Mrs. Peace-Love


    Hippie, activist, almost always has a cause related to the lesson, lives with her “life partner” and says the words “cultural/social norms” at least 3 times a lesson

  9. Professor Prezi


    Celebrates the Socratic method, countless presentations and papers for you, no real lectures from him, your classmates teach you from all of the ridiculous presentations

  10. Dr. Mode


    The most stylish professor, somewhere between the ages of 50-75, somehow dresses better than you do, probably protested something in the 60’s

  11. Sickowitz


    Literally always sick or has a “prior engagement”, cancels class every other week, has required attendance but doesn’t enforce it

Author: Sandy

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