11 Fake Holidays From TV Shows That Should Exist

  1. Unification day –Phil of the Future


    Remember this ‘90’s Disney show? A family from the future gets stranded in the 20th century with their broken time machine. This holiday is supposed to commemorate the unification of the whole world. The Diffy’s say that it is similar to Thanksgiving, but one has to wonder if Uni Day has the same violent beginnings as Thanksgiving.


  2. Galentine’s day- Parks and Recreation


    A savior to all the ladies of the world, Leslie Knope championed this original holiday that celebrates all the gal pals in your life. Sharing your success and celebrating on February 13th, it’s a holiday all the girls can get behind. Don’t forget your waffles!


  3. Leap Day- 30 Rock


    While Leap Day technically already exists, it wasn’t a holiday until 30 Rock. Though Liz lemon might be oblivious, Leap Day is very much a thing in the realm of 30 Rock. Celebrated every February 29th, Leap Day features candy for the kids, wearing blue and yellow, a cheesey Jim Carrey movie, and even the fiction “Leap Day William”- who spends all of his time in the Mariana’s Trench and only comes out on leap day….he also has gills and fangs and is kind of implied to be evil.


  4. Festivus- Seinfeld


    One of the most involved fake TV holidays, to be sure, Festivus is actually celebrated by Seinfeld fans the world round. Components of this holiday include the Festivus Pole, the feast, and several feats of strength, and the engaging Airing of Grievances- wherein those at the table let out all of the ways others have disappointed them throughout the year. This holiday is usually celebrated at the same time as Christmas, but I have a feeling airing your grievances is welcome at any time of the year.


  5. Treat Yo’ Self- Parks and Recreation


    Without an official date of celebration, Treat Yo’ Self Day is a day dedicated to spending obscene amounts of money on things you wouldn’t have bought otherwise. Purchasing things like a limo for the day, a batman suit, and the obvious Gucci, Prada, Fendi products are the norm. On this day, you spend every cent and don’t think twice. Why? Because you deserve to TREAT YO’ SELF.


  6. Chismukkah- The O.C.


    A Hybrid holiday of Christmas and Hanukkah, Chrismukkah allows for both Jewish and Christians to celebrate together and exchange gifts. Seth from the O.C. claims he created, “The greatest holiday known to mankind,” when he was 6. This is celebrated by essentially celebrating both holidays: eight days of presents followed by one day of many presents, both a menorah and a christmas tree, and even watching both holiday movies like It’s a Wonderful Life and Fiddler on the Roof.


  7. Fappiano- Alf


    In this classic ‘80’s TV show, Alf, an alien, informs us all of his favorite holiday on Melmac (his home planet). Fappiano consists of eating literally all day- from the moment you wake up, until you open your presents that night. Though on Melmac they eat cats, maybe we can celebrate a more PETA-friendly version of this holiday? This holiday is as if Thanksgiving and Christmas had a baby, a fat cat-eating baby.


  8. Freedom Day- Futurama


    In what sounds like a disaster//heaven, Futurama displays a holiday that is entirely dedicated to the true meaning of freedom. The kind where freedom is really, truly free. Free of charge, free of admission, and most importantly, free of consequences. Anything and everything goes, including things like nude group baths. Sounds like my kind of holiday.


  9. Free Day- Spongebob Squarepants


    A day where everything is free of charge. Like, literally everything. You can go to the zoo for free, get a balloon for free, feed the clams for free, ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!
    Just make sure you don’t throw a peanut at a clam, causing a town panic.


  10. Slapsgiving- How I Met Your Mother


    Traditionally celebrated on Thanksgiving day, Slapsgiving is the day where you serve up all the slaps you’ve been saving for that special someone. However, slaps can be awarded to those who deserve them according to the judgement of the slap master. So that means that you can have slapsgiving any day of the year your little heart desires.


  11. Merlinpeen- 30 Rock


    Basically just an excuse to get out of Secret Santa, this ridiculous holiday is also known as “the Verdukian holiday of mouth pleasures.” The most ‘famous’ holiday symbol is a bowl of meat cubes with a picture of Jim Connors sticking out. Other outlandish traditions include the eating of free sausage pizza, followed a gentle tooth flossing from a blonde virgin.


11 Fake Holidays From TV Shows That Should Exist

Author: Sandy

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