11 Horrifying Facts about Walmart


  1. The average Walmart employee can expect to make around $17,000 per year working 34 hours a week. Several full-time employees working in the Elwood, Illinois warehouse were forced to live in tents, abandoned homes and hostels. 



  2. Every wonder why Walmart stores are so messy and disorganized? According to Time magazine, the more messy the store, the more people buy. Walmart intentionally clutters their shelves because it’s good for business and gives consumers the illusion of affordability.

  3. In March 2015, police found a backpack containing a funtional meth lab inside of a Walmart bathroom. This is the fourth incident of meth making inside of a Walmart since 2011, according to the article “For some reason, people think Walmart is a good place for a meth lab.” Personally, I think the reason is obvious.
  4. The company’s pork suppliers have been caught beating and abusing pigs. In addition to using gestation crates, where the pig is confined to a space so small it cannot move or lie down, the suppliers cut off a newborn piglet’s tail and testicles. This horrifying website shows only a fraction of their abuse. After Mercy for Animal’s long animal rights campaign, Walmart announced in May 2015 that they will begin to phase out gestation crates.
  5. After 10 years of attempting to expand into the German market, Walmart had to withdraw. Walmart could not compete with other German retailers, and the germans found the Walmart greeters and other practices creepy. Handelsblatt newspaper even described the company culture “bizarre.”
  6. Speaking of creepy, here is the Walmart chant.
  7. In the late ’90s, Walmart leveled a sacred Native American burial site in Nashville, Tennessee to build a store and a parking lot. After destroying the site, Walmart dug up the bones of 154 people and buried them elsewhere. They also got in trouble for building a store within view of 2,000-year-old pyramids.


    Source: reddit.com

  8. After workers in a California Walmart tried to unionize, they were laid off with only a five-hour notice. The store was then shut down due to “plumbing issues.” In a leaked training video, Walmart argues that they have “open communication” and that labor unions are unnecessary entities only trying to get a chunk of a paycheck.

  9. Several reddit users spoke out about how their managers at Walmart actively discouraged them to call 911. The horror stories include:

    “I worked for Malwart 11 years ago for a whopping total of 8 months. I worked the overnight shift as an Overnight Stocker for Department 8 (Pets). The store I worked at had just gotten brand new high rise shelves installed. They were said to be able to hold over a ton. Well, one night after getting all my regular freight stocked and the overstock put into the bins, my bosses had me pull 8 pallets of Arm & Hammer cat litter. The boxes had a bonus 10lbs inside, making them nearly 35 or so pounds a piece. They wanted all of those on the high risers. I asked if they were absolutely sure the shelves would be able to handle all that weight. I threw a shit-fit about it because I know I was in the right for being worried. Other department managers who were there also sided with me. They watched over the next couple of hours as I carefully did my job. As I was putting the final 12 boxes on the bottom shelf, I heard a cracking and tearing sound, and next thing I know is I’m buried underneath all of the cat litter that had caused the shelve to collapse.

    Everybody in the store heard it happen, and everybody was explicitly told NOT to dial 911 or anything. Fuck that shit! After getting all my blood cleaned from my face and cuts patched up, I called my uncle’s then time girlfriend who is a lawyer, told her what had just occurred, and what the upper management is attempting to do. As of today, I still haven’t spent all the money I received as a result of going to court over it. Fuck Walmart! — /u/Tracksidehoak

    “I was a department manager in frozen foods. One day (on one of my days off, so I didn’t witness this) one of my employees came into work seeming very confused and disoriented. She couldn’t remember the date, what day it was. Someone asked her what her name is. She couldn’t remember. She clearly had what some would call a very minor case of serious brain damage. The store refused to call 911 and instead called for her mother to pick her up and take her to the hospital.

    Apparently, something that not everyone appears to be aware of is that if you ask someone, ‘What is your name?’, and they respond, ‘I don’t know’, then you need to call for an ambulance.

    This woman had a blood vessel in her brain that popped. Her head partially exploded. It could have killed her. And those cheap bastards at Walmart wouldn’t call 911.

    There was also someone in produce who had a heart attack. The store didn’t call 911 for him, either. One of the other produce associates had to volunteer to take him to the hospital.

    Walmart is probably the only place I’ve worked at about which I could say that they wouldn’t care if I died right there in the store and it wouldn’t be hyperbole. Fuck Walmart.” –/u/Dhampirboy

    More stories here. 

  10. In 2014, the Walton family — with a total net worth of $148.8 billion — had a larger net worth than the bottom 40% of American families.

  11. Because Walmart is so big, they have the power to dictate prices to the manufacturers, which forces companies to produce overseas where they can pay their workers less. To learn more, check out the Walmart: The High Cost of Low Prices.


Bonus: Meyer, Scherer & Rockcastle transformed this abandoned Walmart in McAllen, Texas, into the largest single-floor public library. Pretty cool, and a lot more useful too.

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