11 Pinterest Boards You Totally Have

For every one of these Pinterest boards you have, the more basic you become.

1. Recipes you will never make


“Ah, yes, time to cook that foie gras I have been craving..” said no one ever.

2. Crafts that only look cool in theory


Sure, let’s melt 400 plastic spoons to make a light. Definitely have that kind of time on my hands.

3. Hidden wedding board for the significant other you don’t have


15 proposal ideas and not a single date in sight…

4. The clothes you wish you could pull off


Overalls and a velour shirt will probably look good on everyone.

5. The makeup that only looks good if done by a registered cosmetologist


Smokey-contoured-sexy-eyelash curls are PERFECT for everyday wear.

6. Strange hippie things


Jojoba oil and witch hazel will cure my back-acne, I just know it.

7. Workouts that are made for your lazy life


You mean I can binge-watch Netflix AND pretend to get fit? What a perfect world.

8. Quotes that give you the feels


You can literally track your emotional well being based on this board’s activity.

9. Pictures that make you literally LOL


Penguins, puppies, and Bad Luck Brian give you life.

10. That board where you put all the things that don’t have a category


Homemade facials and study tips are basically the same thing…

11. The board you made accidentally and never erased


Contents: one pin of an Egyptian necklace from the grave of Tutankhamen with the caption “bling.”


Author: Sandy

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