11 Things You Should Handle Like a Grown Up

You don’t have to grow up just yet, but at least handle a few of these things.

  1. Balancing a Budget


    You are a baller on a budget. So make sure you are spending it right. This article from Debt.org gives you the ins and outs of how to manage your finances and get more bang for your buck.


  2. Insurance


    Auto. Renter’s. Health. You may only need one or two of these, but they can make all the difference in your finances. Life is full of all sorts of accidents and mishaps that make life difficult, but it’s far easier with insurance.
    Health: nerdwallet.com
    Auto:  consumerreports.org
    Property: usnews.com


  3. Doctors Appointments


    It’s not a problem, until it’s really a problem. So many people put off going to the doctor’s because they don’t see any problems in their day to day. However, doctors are really good at preventative healthcare too. Going for yearly checkups and regular appointments allow for doctors to monitor your health to keep you going for years to come. To learn more about how often you should visit a doctor, go HERE.


  4. Dental Appointments


    Sure you floss and brush twice a day, maybe even three times, but when was the last time you saw the dentist? Your teeth are not only the things that chew your food, but can also be an indicator for your overall health. Making sure you see your dentist every once in a while allows you to keep your chompers into your old age, avoiding the “teeth in a cup” bedside table decor. For more information on when to visit your dentist, go HERE.


  5. Credit


    If you are on your own, or soon to be, now is the time to build your credit. THIS GUIDE will give you the rundown on how to do that while still being your broke as a joke self.
    Credit is incredibly important in the future when buying a car, buying a house, or even applying for a job, so don’t let this slip through the cracks.


  6. Car Maintenance


    Ole Reliable has given you plenty of mileage, so why not give some love back. Undergoing regular maintenance with your vehicle is the only way to insure that it keeps running. Just like you need to go to the doctor and eat your veggies, your car need a little TLC. THIS GUIDE will help you figure out what kind of regular maintenance your car might need.


  7. Getting Healthy


    You have been telling yourself you will start at the gym every Monday since the New Year, but now is the time to do it! Your late teens and early 20s is your peak of health. As you age, your health will become more complicated and more difficult to maintain. So go ahead, start running, eat your fruits and veggies, and get healthy. HERE are some simple guidelines that can help you get started.


  8. Cleaning


    Unless you are friends with the cockroaches, a little cleaning never hurt anybody. Following THIS GUIDE of regular cleaning for your living space will be a great way to ensure that your space and the space you share will stay clean, safe, and free of all things nasty.


  9. Exercise Your Brain


    It’s the same principle as exercising your body. Studies show you are in peak health both mentally and physically. Take all those smarts you are obtaining in college and practice with brain games like Lumosity or MindGames to keep yourself sharp.


  10. Set Goals


    Where do you want to be next year? 5 years from now? 20? Set goals for your career, your personal life, anything really. Being a grown up is all about realizing that life is a building process. Use THIS GUIDE to help you set goals like a real adult.


  11. Dressing Yourself


    Surely someone taught you how to match your clothes when you were young, but, alas, Granimals are not available for adults. Dressing yourself as an adult is a bit more tedious, as it requires certain dress codes and expectations. While you can wear your jeans and t-shirts on a normal day, dressing for work and interviews could make or break your career. THIS GUIDE is great for young professional males, and THIS GUIDE is great for young professional women.

Author: Sandy

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