12 Food Versions Of Russian Roulette

As Lady Gaga once said, “Russian Roulette is not the same without a gun”….Which is good because this is safer.


  1. Harry Potter Bertie Botts Every Flavor Beans


    How to Play: “Alohamora” a box open, and use your wizarding skills to guess what it is before you eat. Here’s to hoping that it’s not earwax.
    Risk Level: Low
    Level Up: Jelly Belly has an even more intense version where every good flavor has a disgusting doppelganger. #GoodLuck

  2. Bite the Bullet (Chocolate Chili Roulette)


    How to Play: Gather your friends around and bite your chocolate bullet. One of them contains an INSANE amount of chili powder that will knock your socks off.
    Risk Level: Moderate to Severe
    Level Up: Most of the time people simply nibble the bullet. The level up? Popping the whole bullet into your mouth at once.

  3. Mystery Peeps


    How to Play: Open the package. Eat a peep. Guess its flavor. Not rocket science.
    Risk Level: Ultra Low
    Level Up: Even the ones that should taste good, like “Tutti Frutti,” are absolutely disgusting. Maybe you should just pick a different roulette challenge…

  4. Mystery Dum-Dums


    How to Play: Unwrap the candy whilst reminiscing about simpler times….then taste that disgusting flavor and question your current life choices.
    Risk Level: Low
    Level Up: Open multiple at a time so you can enjoy wonderful flavors like “Butter Popcorn Blue Raspberry”

  5. Doritos Roulette


    How to Play: You can play this alone or with many. You simply open up a bag of Doritos Roulette and eat chips one by one until you find the hot one. Please advise: the hot chips are HELLA hot and the heat gets more intense over time. Nothing can save you. Have fun!
    Risk Level: Moderate
    Level Up: The best way to step it up a notch is to keep eating until you cry.


  6. Shots Roulette


    How to Play: Much like the spin the bottle game you knew and dreaded in your younger years, you spin an (empty) bottle in the middle of shots of various liquids. Best when played with alcohol, but you can also play with juices, salad dressings, basically any liquid. Please drink responsibly.
    Risk Level: Moderate
    Level Up: The more disgusting the shots, the higher level you reach.

  7. Canned Food Challenge


    How to Play: Played by many Youtubers and the like, this challenge requires you have a spit bucket on hand. Proceed to your nearest grocery store and buy several cans of food. remove the labels, number them, and get to eating. Take turns questioning your life choices as you plunge your spoon into some good ol’ canned pigs feet.
    Risk Level: Moderate to Severe
    Level Up: if you so wish, you can always add cat and/or dog food to the mix. Be warned that cat and dog food are not held to the same FDA standards…


  8. Baby Food Challenge


    How to Play: Basically a less threatening version of the canned food challenge. Follow the same protocol. Mostly played at baby showers.
    Risk Level: Moderate
    Level Up: Only buy the savory jars. Everyone knows it’s only the fruit jars that taste good.


  9. M&M’s and Skittles


    How to Play: This challenge is best played when to others have no idea they are playing it. Set the bowl out for unsuspecting onlookers and watch people’s confused looks as they try to figure out whether its a bowl of Skittles or M&Ms.
    Risk Level: Other than friends getting peeved at you, this is extremely low risk.
    Level Up: Add Reese’s Pieces to the mix and watch the world burn.

  10. Wasabi Oreo Roulette


    How to Play: Pure evil disguised as milk’s favorite cookie. Buy a pack of Mint Chocolate Chip Oreos and hollow out one (or more) of the creme fillings. Fill with wasabi sauce and be prepared for the riskiest Oreo binge session you’ve ever had.
    Risk Level: Severe (Mint + Wasabi= puke)
    Level Up: Find different ways to mix it up, like toothpaste in regular Oreos.

  11. Sugar or Salt Challenge


    How to Play: Steal some sugar/sweetener packets from your local starbucks. Open all of them, but empty one out and fill with salt. Have everyone drink their packets at the same time and try to guess which among you had the salt.
    Risk Level: Moderate
    Level Up: Inverse the odds, fill most of them with salt and only one or two with sugar. Watch the insane faces people make when they are trying to hide the fact that they have a mouthful of salt.


  12. Egg Roulette


    How to Play: Beautifully demonstrated by Jimmy Fallon and Tom Cruise, you take a dozen eggs boil half and leave the other half raw. Take turns choosing and smashing them on your head, hoping that you end up with the boiled ones.
    (Pro-tip: Bring a change of clothes)
    Risk Level: Moderate to Severe
    Level Up:  You pick for the other player.


Player discretion is advised.

Author: Sandy

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