12 Reasons Why You Should See “Straight Outta Compton”

Whether you’re an avid gangsta rap fan or you think N.W.A. stands for “No Whites Allowed”, Straight Outta Compton should be on your must-watch list. It is a timely biopic that not only tells the story of N.W.A.’s origins, but also portrays the social climate of Compton in the ’80s. The parallels between the issues then and the issues now are uncanny and a significant part of the story.

1. Gangsta rap isn’t just about being “gangsta”



This movie lets people know there always was so much more to N.W.A. They were real innovators with big dreams and hopes of leaving the streets of Compton. It was always about speaking the truth about everything: Compton, life and police brutality.

“Speak a little truth and people lose their minds” – Ice Cube

2. This song

It’s one of Dr. Dre’s favorite songs and is featured in the movie. #OldiebutGoodie

3. The music



Throughout the movie we’re transported back in time to the making of some iconic rap songs. We loved rehearing Straight Outta Compton (the album) and so did everyone else because it’s back in Billboard’s Top Five.

4. Easy-E wasn’t a natural rap talent



We get a look at how “Boyz-n-the-Hood” was recorded. It took a lot of patience and coaching by Dr. Dre for Easy-E to deliver and craft his distinctive delivery style.

5. The look-alikes



Does anyone remember the casting failure that was the Aaliyah biopic? Finally a biopic that cast actors that look similar to the people they were meant to portray. Seriously, try and tell us Marcc Rose doesn’t look like Tupac.

6. The riot scene that will most likely make you emotional


Rodney King, L.A. Riots, and the War on Drugs populated the climate during N.W.A.’s reign. A scene depicting the riots wasn’t far off from the images seen from the Baltimore Riots, again showing that relations between the police and the black community have not improved.

7. A look at how the music industry takes advantage of artists

Screen Shot 2015-08-24 at 2.05.38 PM


N.W.A. fans are familiar with the story of why Ice Cube left the group, but some of us aren’t so familiar with how many artists are tricked into signing unfair contracts. We get a glimpse of how the group suffered under the direction of Jerry Heller.

8. Getting to “see” N.W.A. react to “No Vaseline”

The ultimate diss track. Seeing N.W.A. get obliterated by Ice Cube was priceless.


tumblr_ntch1u9Qu71t553fgo3_1280 tumblr_ntf3o1Me4h1uyg4peo1_1280

Seriously, O’Shea Jackson Jr. is too freaking fine. His portrayal of his father Ice Cube is a standout part of the movie.

10. Seeing how epic N.W.A. was in concert

Straight Outta Compton


Seriously, people rioted for N.W.A. What an experience.

11. The improvisation of “Bye Felicia”


This line was an unscripted addition and has stirred up a bit of controversy. It’s said to dismiss a woman named Felicia, after her boyfriend comes looking for her while she’s performing sexual acts with Easy-E.  While it’s meant to be comical and appreciate Ice Cube’s famous line from Friday, it’s also a bit problematic and brings up conversations about the group’s treatment towards women.

12. Generally getting to know the story of a legendary rap group



There were a lot of N.W.A. supporters, but also a lot of haters. Watching this movie gives everyone a true look at the artists behind the music. From the rise to the fall to the almost comeback of a group that revolutionized pop culture forever. This movie will give you some level of respect for the Compton kids turned celebrities and for hip-hop music.


Author: Sydney

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