12 Stages of Buying Sneakers

The sneaker culture is very much so real today. Society is borderlining obsession, if it’s not already there. As a sneakerhead, there are a whirlwind of emotions that occur when finding, purchasing, and wearing new sneakers.



  1. Finding THE perfect pair of sneaks you just gotta copkicks
  2. Obsessing constantly to make sure they didn’t run out of your sizecreepy
  3. Saving up because sneakers are the exact opposite of cheapmoney
  4. The Sneakers, yes capitalized, stay in your shopping cart for couple of weeks till you can afford to copshopping cart
  5. Finally, you hit the ‘Place Your Order’ button.freak ou
  6. Constantly checking your mailbox and checking your order status 24/7staring
  7. You spend the time planning the perfect outfit to wear with your new sneakers sneakers.planning
  8. THEY COMEchild swag
  9. Solid photoshoot for a couple of hours till you get THE grammable pic for Instainstagram
  10. You don’t wear them. And if you do, you spend the entire time obsessing to make sure they don’t get scuffedsneaker scuff
  11. Most importantly, you let everyone know you got a solid new pair of kickslook at me now
  12. Lastly, you check your bank account though and end up crying because you spent way too much money on your bombass sneakerscrying
  13. Alternative Ending: The sneakers sell out before you can buy them. Therefore you end up sobbing all over your computer.not fair


Author: Rasheed

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