12 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Parachute

We all fell in love with Parachute when the single “She is Love” debuted off their hit album, Losing Sleep. You may know all the words to their songs, but here are 12 things you probably didn’t know about Parachute:

1) Lead singer Will Anderson loves to play Boggle. He says that he plays it a lot when he is home with his family and friends. So if you are down to play Boggle, you and Will would probably get along just fine!

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2) They played their very first show in a bar in their hometown of Charlottesville, Va. The bar’s known heckler gave them a hard time, but told them after the show that had a bright future.

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3.) Drummer Johnny Stubblefield enjoys adventuring in the woods! He likes to post pictures of his findings on Instagram and Twitter, like this creepy old bus!


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4.) The band’s original name was Sparky’s Flaw up until they were preparing for their record label debut with Mercury Records in 2008.

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5.) Lead vocalist Will Anderson and drummer Johnny Stubblefield were friends growing up and started Sparky’s Flaw when they were still in high school.

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6.) Johnny Stubblefield worked at the frozen yogurt shop in Charlottesville before the band took off. Will says that he would take his dates there to get free frozen yogurt in high school! What a pal.

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7.) Will Anderson was a lifeguard from age 14 until the band started touring in college. Now, instead of reviving people, he makes us all swoon with his voice!

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8.) The band has a YouTube channel called Parachute TV where you can watch the guys doing all kinds of crazy shenanigans and talking about music and their lives. They are all about sharing their lives with their fans and we are all very grateful for an insider view to the band’s life! Here’s a link to a great episode with the hilarious Johnny:

9) Will Anderson said, “I think Dave Matthews Band is pretty much the reason we all wanted to be in a band”. And now we forever owe our gratitude to Dave Matthews Band!

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image via davematthewsblog.com

10) For some bizarre reason, Will doesn’t like eating cereal in front of other people. We all have our weird quirks, and love him for his.

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11.) The band is also known for their great nutrition advice:

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12.) Will plays golf on his lazy days. They’re always a hole-in-one in our book though, right?

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