12 Things to Remember After a Rough Day

Everyone knows that the first week of classes can be a little rough. Whether it’s due to a lack of confidence coming into a class, or simply not connecting with old friends as well as you’d like, it’s easy to trick yourself into feeling like your situation is darker and more confined than it actually is. Here are some things to remember to keep things in perspective.

1) Everyone who was ever your friend loved something about you. Even if they ended up hurting you, most of them were genuine friends at one point.

2) It’s okay to be sad or pissed off. You don’t always have to spin things positively.

3) Not everyone’s opinion carries equal weight. Consider only those who are capable of viewing you as a person, not those who see you as a few adjectives.

4) Just cause an experience is a privilege, doesn’t mean you have to enjoy it.

Leonardo DiCaprio and Carey Mulligan in The Great Gatsby.

5) You don’t have to like everything. It’s okay to say no.

6) Recognize your insecurities. Don’t lash out on people because you think they are trying to offend you. Chances are they just have different priorities than you.

7) Be in touch with your feelings. Communicate with other people. Crying and yelling does nothing productive.

8) Take care of yourself. Your environment makes a huge difference.


9) You are trying really hard to be a good person. Looking back and feeling ashamed just means you care.

10) You are lucky to have some great people in your life. But no amount of affirmation will be able to erase the loneliness you feel at times. Try not to hold it against people you are close to.

11) Memories are tainted with perspective. You might remember something as being darker or more embarrassing than it actually was. Recalling memories with others can shed light on different points of view.


12) You have more time than you think you do.



Author: Kristi

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