13 Fun Date Ideas For You and Your Significant Other

Tired of the same old dinner and a movie? Try out some alternative fun date ideas that unleash your inner child and help you get to know one another!

  1. Nerf War


    A setup like this is basically the key to anyone’s heart. Unleash your insanely competitive inner child! (Best when done in the form of a surprise attack)


  2. Picnic


    Grab a blanket and some simple sandwiches (maybe even some wine?) on a nice, sunny day and you have the perfect evening.


  3. Cooking and Wine


    Find a recipe online, pair it with a glass of wine and you and your love will have a perfectly romantic evening.


  4. Dancing


    Pick a dancing spot that isn’t just any old club. Salsa, Tango, Line Dancing, Waltz, learning it all together and having fun together is what it’s all about.


  5. Netflix and Chill


    If ya know what I mean….  Yes, I mean literally chill and watch Netflix. Spending time exploring each other’s strange taste in movies is time well spent.


  6. Stroll down memory lane


    Whether it’s old pictures, scrapbooks, or just trudging through the depths of old social media, you can laugh, cry, and feel shame with one another.


  7. Craft Night


    So you both like to paint or maybe you both have a thing for glitter. Nothing says fun like a few drinks and some crafts that look easier to do online than in real life. Failure is better with your best friend.


  8. 4-Course Dash


    Probably the best but also the most expensive idea. Do drinks, appetizers, main course, and dessert at different restaurants around town. Hopping from place to place allows you to go to all your favorite restaurants while also letting your food settle in between courses.


  9. Drive-in Movie


    Almost every place has them and they are severely underused. Drive-ins are a great way to enjoy the weather, your partner, and a good movie all at the same time! Go in fall when the weather is perfect for snuggling. Search to find your Drive-In HERE


  10. Museum


    Most larger cities have museums and offer great discounts for students. If science and history aren’t your thing, try checking out the smaller and more obscure museums in your area.


  11. Paintball


    Step 1) Find a paintball range. Step 2) Pelt each other (or other friends) with paintballs. As simple as that!


  12. Volunteer


    Do you both love animals: Animal shelter! Do you both like to cook: Soup kitchen! Like to talk: Retirement home! There are so many places that need volunteers, and this is a great chance for you both to do good and feel good, sharing your passions with the community.


  13. Kayaking/Hiking/Outdoor Activity


    Check out your local parks and see what they have to offer. Lots of places have boats you can rent, trails you can take, or even scavenger hunts you can go on.

Author: Sandy

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