13 New Back-to-School looks

  1. Rose Gold Hair

Every think about going blonde but were afraid yellow wouldn’t work for you? Try this new shade of blonde called rose gold. This is great for those looking for something softer than the harsh peroxide blonde.

  1. Yellow!

Are you the type of girl that has dyed your hair every color and still manages to feel bored? If so, you should try Privana Vivids yellow. Out of all fashion colors, yellow is probably the least common but with the right kind of attitude anyone can rock this florescent shade.

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  1. Granny Grey

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These days the granny grey seems to get a lot of hate, but I think it’s adorable. It may take a few tries and lots of time in the salon to get the shade right, but once you do

  1. Khaleesi Hair

White hair doesn’t work for everyone. However, if you happen to be one of those people with the right skin tone, white hair can leave you looking like an ice queen or even better – the mother of Dragons.

  1. Natural Curls


I’ve heard that taming curls takes years of practice, patience and finding the right hair products but as someone with straight, limp hair I always envied those with curls. They are so fun and badass. To all my curly haired friends – I’d say embrace it. You have no idea how beautiful you are.

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  1. Straw Curls

Are you someone with straight hair looking for a change? Are you tired of having loose, limp curls every time you try to switch up your look? Look no further. The straw curl method is capable of transforming the most flat hair into a crazy, curly beautiful mess. Results can range from awesome to hilarious. It’s a great thing to dry if you are looking for a fun way to kill time on a Sunday evening.


To learn how to do straw curls, click here

  1. Shaved sides

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Growing out a short haircut can be tedious. It’s especially hard if you are the type of person with very thick hair. Shaving down the sides can help eliminate the bulk while adding a little bit of edge to your look.


  1. French-Braided Mohawk

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If you’re a girl who happens to have a Mohawk, a French bread can be a perfect way to wear your Mohawk up without killing the environment.

  1. Fake Sidecut

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Not everyone is willing to shave their head. So if you are someone wanting a little edge in your life, a fake side cut can give you the look. No razor required.

  1. Pinned Up Pompadour

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This is perfect for someone with short, curly hair. All you have to do is gather the curls on the top of your head and wall-la! The most adorable pompadour.

  1. Simple Chop

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Years of wear and tear can turn your tips into a colony for split ends. While it can be difficult to rid yourself of months of hair growth, in the end your hair will thank you. Seriously. There is nothing better than reaching up and feeling nothing but shiny and healthy hair.

  1. Mid-length Pixie

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Going full pixie can be quite an adjustment. If you don’t like the results, you can spend forever waiting for it to grow out, only to end up with a mullet six months later. Someone who wants short hair but is scared of the risks involved can try one of the longer styles. This pixie, while certainly short, still gives you a little bit of hair to style. Not to mention, a longer style has a shorter grow out period.

  1. Short, Graduated Bob

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For those still recovering from a traumatic way-to-short haircut, this short bob can make the growing out process a little less painful. Cute, girly and low maintenance, this cut maintains many of the advantages of short hair.

So if you are looking for a change, feel free to try any of these cutting edge looks. Life’s to short for boring hair 🙂


Author: Kristi

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