18 Thoughts NC State Students Have While Walking Across Campus



1) Walking takes way too much effort. I think I might buy a bike…. Just kidding, I hate people who ride bikes on campus and I’m not sure I wouldn’t run someone over

2) These shoes are uncomfortable, I need to buy some better walking shoes

3) Didn’t Starbucks just open in Talley? Oh yes. Mocha frappuccino I am coming for you after class.

4) I don’t really need new shoes. I can just put all of that money toward Starbucks because coffee = life

5) Wow, that person is extremely attractive. I wonder if we are going to the same class

6) Oh shoot, I only have 4 minutes to get to Carmichael and I feel like I’ve been in the CHASS building for the past 20 minutes. Does this hallway ever end?

7) Court of Carolinas is so pretty. I almost forget what grass is like since this is the only place not covered in brick

8) Is that girl really sleeping on the the 3rd branch up in the giant tree?! Yeah, she’s gonna fall off.

9) Okay people. We need to start walking a little faster. I’ve got places to be and people to see.

10) Can you get road rage while walking?

11) I bet there are over a million bricks on campus

12) Yes, walking road rage is real

13) I love the Free Expression Tunnel. Is that a giant mural of a rapper?

14) Oh look at the little tour group of high school kids. Wait, why are they staring at me?

15) Less than 2 minutes left! Time to pick up the pace to ‘Soccer Mom Speedwalk’

16)I’m in the home stretch! But there are SO. MANY. STAIRS.

17) Okay, I’m in the gym. That basically means I’m in class.

18) Yeah of course you can swipe my student ID. It’s…. uh…. NOOOOOO! I left it in Thompkins!



Taylor Ledbetter

Author: Taylor Ledbetter

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