19 Struggles Before 9am


  1. 7:20? I don’t need to get up. I guess I’ll hit snooze.
  2. Fuck! It’s 8:40. I don’t even have time to eat breakfast.Waking Up
  3. All my clothes are dirty. Maybe I should do laundry more than once a month.
  4. I look like shit but so does everyone else. Time to get to class.
  5. Why is everything UP HILL?
  6. The bus just came. Why couldn’t it have come 20 seconds later when I would be at the bus stop? I guess I’ll catch the next bus.
    I don't know
  7. Oh sweet, the J comes in five minutes.
  8. Huh, next bus says the bus is arriving but I don’t see it anywhere.
  9. Now it says it’s coming in five minutes. Welp, I guess I’ll take the NS.
  10. What a nice detour through the hospital. Totally worth getting to class late.
  11. Okay, I’m here and there are empty seats that aren’t at the front. Hooray! I’ll just climb over these ten people and sit down. I wish there was more space between these rows.
  12. Lectures starting. She’s talking about the video we were supposed to watch.
  13. I have no idea what’s going on.
  14. Man, I’m hungry.
  15. I wish I could skip my next class.
  16. She’s talking about supply and demand. I need to poop. Why must these ten people be in my way?
  17. I can’t even make an easy exit because I’m right in the middle.
  18. Only ten minutes until lecture is over. Until now, I’ll draw some cows.
  19. Okay lecture is over…time to push through the crowd. Now I can finally poop. My morning just got so much better.
    John Green

Author: Kristi

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