20 Signs you’re a Freshman at UNC

  1. You take multiple trips to Target, Ikea and the poster shop hoping to transform the bland dorm room into your own personal study oasis.
  2. You groan at the idea of this being your home for the next five years.
  3. You have yet to get use to the never-ending construction on UNC campuses.
  4. Or the sheer amount of people.
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  5. Sundays are spent doing your laundry, starting your homework, and watching Netflix.
  6. You wait until labor day weekend to do your first set of laundry.
  7. Your idea of “far” is Graham Memorial or Chipotle.
  8. You have yet to refer to the ‘RU’ or the ‘A’ as the struggle bus.
  9. In fact, you’re afraid to ride the A because it says ‘Wiener/Severin.’
  10. Frat Court is still your go-to party destination.
  11. Most of your friends are still pre-med majors.
  12. You wear t-shirts in your High School’s colors and AP classes come up in conversations frequently.
  13. You PM your High School friends on a daily basis.
  14. Your schedule looks like this.
  15. You post your schedule on the UNC Class of 2019 page with the caption “anyone have a class wif me??”
  16. When visitors ask you for directions you give them a blank look. After all you have no idea where Murphey Hall is…
  17. You have yet to be invited to any legitimate parties so you and your friends walk around Franklin Street hoping to “find something.”
  18. You find yourself hanging out with strangers frequently. You still have yet to find “your group.”
  19. You spend more than $150 on textbooks for a class you end up dropping.
  20. Upperclassmen seem to hate you, but that’s cause they ain’t you.Best of luck to the class of 2019

Author: Kristi

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