The 20 Struggles of Having Curly Hair

If you were born with naturally curly hair or your curls have evolved as you’ve gotten older, you know that your curly hair is both a blessing and a curse. When it behaves, you are very thankful for it, but you know that most of the time you look like the hot mess express with wild ringlets doing as they please. Here are the 20 struggles of having curly hair that we all know all too well.


1.) You know you have to plan your hairstyle out a day ahead so that you can decide whether or not to bathe at night or in the morning. If you’re going to straighten it in the morning, you can take a shower at night. But if your sleep on it wet and plan on leaving it curly, you know you’ll wake up looking like Medusa.


2.) You’ve spent hundreds of dollars on hair products, and your counter probably looks something like this. You still haven’t found the magic serum  and if feels like your hair will never be #flawless


3.)  You use a different product i your hair on a daily basis just to see what it does. Its like playing Russian Roulette with gels, sprays, and creams.


4.) If you decide to put a hat on, it has to be a commitment, because there is no way it is coming off before you go to bed that night.


5.) You check fashion magazines regularly hoping that the big, curly hair of the ’80’s will come back in style. You could so rock that.


6.) You’re not sure if “Oh my gosh, I love when you straighten your hair!” is a compliment or a dig at your natural waves.


7.) Pinteresting or Googling “naturally curly hair” is a joke to you. Every search result shows a girl with an obvious perm or that was used a wand. You can hardly ever find real curly hair inspiration



8.) Rolling down your car windows are strictly reserved for straight hair days. You are a firm believer in A/C.

9.) When people ask if they can touch your hair….


10.) The rare times you put in the effort to straighten your hair, you can’t stop brushing it or running your fingers through it because they never happens when it’s curly.


11.) When someone asks if you carry a brush or comb in your purse….


12.) Hair dryers are literally the devil.


13.) You’d love to try a pixie cut because they fascinate and terrify you.

14.) You’ve also always wanted to go bleach blonde, but you are terrified that it would strip all of the curl from your hair.


15.) Your go-to hairstyle is a messy bun, you know it can’t go wrong, Plus, it looks like you did a lot more than you actually did because its so curly.


16.) You can never quite tame the ominous baby curls that sprout around 5he frame of your face. They are your arch nemisis and you’ve given up on ever having a “sleek” look.


17.) Your hair is wet 90% of the time when you leave the house every morning because it takes forever to dry. You just have to cross your fingers and hope that when it dries, it looks half way normal.

18.) There is no happy medium between crunchy curls and loose curls. It is nearly impossible to find the perfect amount of product that will give you the Taylor Swift curls circa 2008.


19.) Aveda is God’s gift to twisty headed ladies and gents.


20.) As much of a struggle the unpredictable life of curls is, you wouldn’t trade it for anything. Sure, you get jealous of people with super straight hair and how easy they have it, but your curls are a part of you and make you, you!



Taylor Ledbetter

Author: Taylor Ledbetter

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