21 Fictional TV Hangout Spots You Wish Existed in Real Life

Whether you enjoy pizza joints or small town diners, there are fictional TV hangout spots you wish existed in real life.

1. Pizza King – “Daria”

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The Pizza King’s actual name is uncertain as the restaurant is also referred to as Pizza Prince and Pizza Place. Regardless of the name, the pizza must be supreme considering, in nearly every episode, Daria, Jane and other Lawndale favorites frequent the restaurant

2. Karen’s Cafe – “One Tree Hill”



Originally owned by Karen, the restaurant is momentarily transformed into a Clothes Over Bros boutique until Haley and Brooke decide to partner and reopen the cafe. Celebrities, like Gavin DeGraw and Sheryl Crow, occasionally dropped into this Tree Hill restaurant.


3. Luke’s Diner – “Gilmore Girls”



Catch some fast-paced banter and order one of Luke’s famous burgers. This Star Hallow hangout is the quintessential, small-town diner.

4. Central Perk – “Friends”



Arguably, the most iconic TV hangout spot. Take a seat on the orange couch and grab a hot cup of coffee at this Greenwich Village coffee house.

5. The Max – “Saved by the Bell”


The Max, owned by a magician named Max, was the after-school hangout spot for the students of Bayside High. In real life, the set functioned as a restaurant that served real food to extras and others around set.

6. P3 – “Charmed”




A lot of magical things happen at this San Francisco nightclub, named P3 after the power of three possessed by the charmed ones. Catch the Halliwell sisters in perfect 90’s attire while also enjoying performances from artists like The Cranberries or Goo Goo Dolls.

7. MacLaren’s Pub – “How I Met Your Mother”

"Big Days" -- When Ted (Josh Radnor, second left) and Barney (Neil Patrick Harris, right) argue about who has "dibs" on a hot girl, Ted realizes that she is there with Cindy, a girl he previously dated, and it didn't end well with. Meanwhile, Robin (Cobie Smulders, left) is heartbroken over Don, and Marshall (Jason Segel, center) can't keep quiet about his desire to start a family with Lily (Alyson Hannigan, second right), on the sixth season premiere of HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER, Monday, Setember 20 (8:00-8:30 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network. Rachel Bilson ("The OC") returns as Cindy. Photo: Eric McCandless/FOX ©2010 Fox Television. All Rights Reserved.


If you’ve ever dreamed of having a restaurant and bar below your apartment, MacLaren’s Pub is the place for you.

8. The Den – “Moesha”



The Den is Moesha’s favorite place to hang with friends and seek sage advice from Andell. The restaurant is later closed when Andell’s character is moved to a spin-off show “The Parkers.” On that show, Andell opens her own restaurant named Andell’s.

9. Shore Shack – “Rocket Power”



Right on Ocean Shores Pier, the Shore Shack was the perfect spot for surfers to catch a break, eat a snack, and hear one of Tito Makani’s epic Hawaiian stories.

10. Tric – “One Tree Hill”



Tric is the indie, all-ages nightclub of your dreams. It is the home of Red Bedroom Records and hosted artists ranging from Jack’s Mannequin to Kid Cudi.

11. The Chill Grill – “That’s So Raven”



Raven’s father opened the Chill Grill to show off his brilliant chef skills.


12. Chubbie’s – “Boy Meets World”



Chubbie’s Famous seemed like the perfect restaurant to meet friends for chili cheese fries and pool, have a party, or meet your John Adams High sweetheart for an affordable date. Unfortunately, it was later bought and transformed into Peg-Leg Pete’s.


13. Rachel’s Place – “Family Matters”

FAMILY MATTERS - "The Love God" - Airdate: November 22, 1991. (Photo by ABC Photo Archives/ABC via Getty Images) DARIUS MCCRARY;JALEEL WHITE;DANIELLE NICOLET


After Steve Urkel burns down LeRoy’s, Rachel opens her own restaurant. However, the restaurant is replaced, in season 4, by fast food chain Might Weenie, when Rachel leaves the show.


14. The Dot- “Degrassi”



The Dot is the after-school hangout place for the students of Degrassi Community School. Here, students across all seasons purchased cups of coffee while gossiping about the latest Degrassi drama. In season 9, Peter opened a teen-friendly music venue, Above the Dot.


15. Double R Diner- “Twin Peaks”



The Double R Diner will serve you 90’s diner aesthetic realness. Don’t forget to order a slice of cherry pie along with a damn fine cup of coffee.


16. Smash Club – “Full House”



Uncle Jesse inherits the rundown club and redesigns it for the younger generation. The nightclub saw the likes of bands like Jesse and the Rippers and Girl Talk.


17. The Peacock Stop – “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air”

FRESH PRINCE OF BEL-AIR, THE -- "Who's the Boss?" Episode 15 -- Pictured: (l-r) Will Smith as William 'Will' Smith, Alfonso Ribeiro as Carlton Banks (Photo by Alice S. Hall/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images)


Whether you’re there to watch Ashley sing, laugh at Will and Jackie argue, or pickup the latest University of Los Angeles (ULA) gear, The Peacock Stop is the coolest campus convenience store.

18. The River Court – “One Tree Hill”



The River Court is a place close to the hearts of all Tree Hill residents. It’s where bright, aspiring basketball players and sports announcers develop their craft.

19. Alt.lawndale.com – “Daria”



The Lawndale Café, formerly known as “alt.lawndale.com,” was the hub for hipsters before hipsters existed. This is the place for artisan coffee, deep poetry, and computer theft.

20. Monk’s Cafe – “Seinfeld”



The gang often referred to this diner as “The Coffee Shop.” This hangout is perfect for breakfast, lunch, dinner or a quick coffee stop. The exterior belongs to a real restaurant located in New York City named Tom’s Restaurant.

21. The Pit – “A Different World”



The Pit is the center of Hillman College. A locus of multiculturalism true to the spirit and vibrancy of a HBCU. Here, students could enjoy some of Mr. Gaines’ burgers and fries, dancing, or catch a step show from Kappa Lambda Nu fraternity or Alpha Delta Rho sorority. Although we can’t go to this fictional campus hotspot, Hillman’s Pit was based off Howard University’s campus hangout The Punch-Out.


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