21 Stages of a Resume Update

The trials and tribulations of the good ole resume update in 21 stages.

  1. Telling yourself this process will only take 5 mins…tops


  2. Realizing how out of date it is
  3. Changing the time frame to 30 mins….tops
  4. Adding your first update
  5. Trying to come up with a good description for your work experience


  6. Realizing you have no idea what you just did in that internship this summer
  7. Accidentally writing too much and messing up the formatting
  8. Realizing your formatting was horrible to begin with
  9. Attempting to fix the formatting, only to notice that you have no idea how to format


  10. Finally getting it to look decent
  11. Realizing it has been an hour for just one update
  12. Decide to quickly add your other updates, not really caring how they look
  13. Fixing the “formatting” that you have inevitably screwed up
  14. Feeling satisfied at finishing your updates


  15. Proof reading
  16. Noticing that you need to re-write a whole section
  17. Or two
  18. Maybe even three


  19. Debating whether or not to re-write it because it may mess up your format 
  20. Saying “forget it” and just going to sleep
  21. Praying to whatever you believe in (God, Universe, Sheeba, et al) that it looks good enough to get you a job


Author: Sandy

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