21 Things you MUST do at UNC before Graduation

21 Things You MUST do Before Graduation.

Whether you are a UNC first year looking for ways to have fun or a Senior trying to spice up your boring, terrible life, this list will help give you some ideas on how you want to spend your next year.
1. Hook up with someone via Craigslist in the Davis library
2. Visit all of the UNC bathrooms; find your favorite pooping spot
3. Take a bath in the pit every time it rains – it saves money on water
4. Spend an entire day hanging out in Rams Dining Hall; make some new friends
5. Visit that one obscure restaurant on Franklin Street
6. Play truth of dare in Lenior Dining Hall
7. Write an angry letter to the DTH complaining about the oppression of mankind, and how the word “mankind” is sexist but because of society you can’t think of a better word
8. Get an unpaid internship near campus and accidently staple your fingers
9. Take a fun, easy elective like WMST 69 or RELI 666
10. Spend half an hour looking for a seat in Lenoir at peak hours
11. Get into a heated debate on Overheard at UNC
12. Dye your hair red in the Hojo bathroom and make the sink look like a murder scene
13. Befriend all of the hobos on Franklin Street
14. Post all of your happy selfies, awesome study abroad pictures, and landed jobs and internships on social media
15. Acquire first grey hairs and wrinkles
16. Drop by Chancellor Folt’s office hours
17. Write an erotic note and hide it in one of the loose brinks
18. Steal a bunch of free sodas at Fall Fest
19. Sleep under the stars after passing out drunk in the Granville Parking Lot
20. Be the subject of a UNC kvetch. After all, it does feel good to be the asshole that runs over people with your bike.
21. Don’t forget to smile! And show your junk in Davis library. But only during exam time…

Best of Luck to the Class of ’19. Don’t forget to stay out of trouble ☺

Author: Kristi

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