4 Animals You Want To Be

4 Animals you want to be

1. The Maned Wolf

Maned Wolf


Is it a fox? Is it a gazelle? No it’s a wolf, and it’s hungry. The maned wolf is a sensitive and caring beast while maintaining an air of ferocious protectiveness. Because it is a monogamous animal, girls would see you as boyfriend material, and Janet won’t dump you for someone with a steady job like Jared.

2. Angora Rabbit

Angora Rabbit


Well respected in the rabbit community, an angora rabbit is the product of generations of inbreeding. And here I thought inbreeding was bad. The only drawback to living a cushy life as an angora is the ever-present fire hazard you would pose.

3. The Eminent Emperor Tamarin

Emperor Monkey


In a recent survey, 12/10 monkeys voted the emperor the wisest animal in the jungle. Little do they know, the Tamarin is that crazy homeless person at McDonald’s yelling at his chicken nuggets.

4. The Llama




With the hair of an NSYNC member and a face for radio, there is literally nothing a llama can’t do (except vote).

Author: Colleen

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