5 Shows to Binge-Watch Before Summer Ends

Because nights spent with Netflix are exactly what you need to finish out the summer.

1. The Fosters



The ABC Family Drama and GLAAD Award Winning show just finished its third season. The show follows an interracial lesbian couple raising a blended family in San Diego. The Fosters represent the type of family often forgotten on our TV screens, but existing in the real world. You will love it for it’s authentic touch on familial themes.

2. Orphan Black



The story of a woman and her clones. With three complete seasons, this show has been repeatedly recognized for its portrayal of strong women, in all of Sarah’s clone identities. If you like science fiction dramas and kick ass women, give this series a try.

3. Finding Carter



If you are a fan of the Skins UK’s Kathryn Prescott or storylines where the protagonist finds out their family is not really their family – you should knock out the two existing seasons of Finding Carter.

4. Twin Peaks



Find out who killed Laura Palmer by watching this two-season crime drama. Lynch’s drama is an eerie treat made to satisfy fans of Bates Motel or Pretty Little Liars. Go ahead and get hooked because the series has been rebooted and will revive as a miniseries in 2016.

5. Broad City


Comedy Central

Hilariously real, Ilana Glazer and Abbi Jacobson are the best friends you’ll wish you had. The web series turned Comedy Central hit chronicles their lives in New York City in an authentic form. The duo depict a truer life in the Big Apple of women struggling to succeed, date and pay their bills on time. You’ll easily watch the two existing seasons in a weekend.


Gear up for many days and nights in front of the glow of your TV or laptop screen and get ready to get #addicted.


Author: Sydney

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