6 Easy Steps to Get Over Someone

Losing love and finding love, whether it be on a friendship level or a romantic level make us into who we are. It is a part of life and helps us grow as individuals. Try not to let a door closing be the end of the world, but take it as a learning experience. Don’t be afraid to love, you should love passionately and fully. Use what you learned from one relationship to help you find what you really need out of a relationship in the future. It may seem hard, but there are 6 easy steps to get over someone that will make your time a little bit easier.



Crying is okay. People tell you to hold it in and that it will eventually pass, but bottling up your emotions will just hurt you more. No, you don’t need to spend all day, everyday, for a month crying, but getting in one good cry will help you more than you think.



Go out. Staying home and wallowing in self-pity will not help you get over them. If you are laying at home thinking about what they’re doing, you’re preventing yourself from living your own life. Dust off your party clothes, grab your best friends, and go enjoy yourself.



Create separation. Even if the relationship ended on good terms, it’s best if you’re not talking to them everyday. At least, not while the breakup is fresh. And you really don’t need to be Facebook stalking them at 3 AM while crying into your Spaghetti-O’s. Be strong, and step away from their profile.



Take time for you. The urge to rebound and go on a new date is strong, but you need to resist. You want to feel like someone’s priority, but first you need to be your own priority. Treat yourself to some ice cream or some new clothes and remind yourself that you don’t need someone else to measure your worth.



Try not to go looking for a replacement. People that are meant to be in your life will stroll into their spot in your life when you least expect it. If you are searching for someone new, you will miss opportunities with the people who are already in your life and love you. Focus you time on family and friends and another love will fall into your lap when you’re ready for it.




Move on. I know it’s easier said than done, but this happened for a reason. Some day, you might get back together, but don’t put all of your eggs in that basket. You have a life to live and so do they. If those paths cross again, great. If not, be thankful for the great times you had together and for what that relationship taught you, and use that to help you in future relationships.



Taylor Ledbetter

Author: Taylor Ledbetter

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