6 Steps to Find Your Favorite Coffee Shop



Looking for that perfect blend of coffee and atmosphere, but not sure how to find it? Here are six simple steps to find your favorite coffee house:


Step 1:

Ask yourself if you need Wifi. Believe it or not, there are still shops in the world that are boastfully unconnected.


Step 2:

Read the Google reviews. No matter how hipster you are, someone’s already discovered the best cup of joe and posted a rave review.


Step 3:

Check their hours. It’s hard to live in a coffee shop that’s only open 3-5 p.m. on Tuesdays.


Step 4:

Take note of what music is playing. If you can’t stand waiting ten minutes in line for coffee to-go, even the heart-shaped latte art can’t make up for your bleeding ears.


Step 5:

Try the espresso. If baristas can master that, then the rest of the coffee selection is sure to be quality. And let’s face it, there are days you’ll walk miles just to catch a hint of freshly-ground espresso!


Step 6:

Befriend the baristas. People make the atmosphere and knowing you can trust whoever is behind the counter to provide quality service and a friendly demeanor is the best way to ensure you become a regular!


Author: Dan

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