7 Guys You Will Meet in College

1. The Frat Star

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He comes to class clad in Vineyard Vines, Southern Tides, Patagonia, and frat event shirts. His Instagram captions always say things like “Sky’s out, Thighs out” or “Star Spangled Wasted” and showcase him in a variety of partying poses. While entertaining, he’s not really the kind of guy that someone would take home to meet their parents.

2. The Gamer

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Yes, you know he’s 22. His family knows he’s 22. But to him and his friends, he is still 8 years old. He has everything in his backpack from a Nintendo DS to  the cheat guide for Halo. If you listen to him talk, he probably talks about Pokémon and Zelda characters like he knows them personally. He might as well be speaking a foreign language if you don’t play these games. You’re not really sure how he’s passing any of his classes since you’ve never actually seen him do homework and he plays video games all the time, even during class.

3. The Future Doctor

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He’s the guy any mom would want their daughter to bring home for the holidays. The only problem is he is too busy studying to ever hang out. He had a perfect SAT score, is in Honors, Scholars, and volunteers at the hospital in his spare time. He takes his future very seriously, but to the point of missing out on a lot of college experiences. You might get a chance to talk to him, but it’s probably going to be asking him for homework help.

4. The Average Joe

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He is a nice guy, does okay in school, but definitely isn’t a try-hard. He will only talk to you if you talk to him first. He might be in a club or frat, but he’s not a super gung-ho advocate. He is just here for school, and a good time, and isn’t really on a mission for anything. He’s just super average, which is okay, but chances are you won’t remember him once you graduate.

5. The Athlete

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Whether he is on the football, baseball, wrestling, or soccer team, he takes his sport much more seriously than he does his schooling. Not all athletes are like him, but he is the athlete, at least in his mind he is. You’ve probably heard him argue why he thinks that student athletes should be paid (even though he is on a full ride scholarship) and if you didn’t watch the game last night, he has nothing to say to you.

6. The Skateboarder


He’s more than likely almost ran you over on the way to class at least once. He carries his board into class, almost knocking out someone  every time he turns. He keeps his headphones in during class, and rolls his eyes every time the teacher says anything. You’ve seen him and his friends doing “tricks” near the student center and watched them all eat it at least once.

7. The Slacker

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He’s only here because his parents are making him go to school. He only comes to class half of the time and if always asking to copy your answers for homework because he obviously didn’t do it. He does just enough to pass his classes and his motto is “C’s get degrees”. The only reason he doesn’t want to fail is because that would mean no more college parties and that he’d have to move back into his parent’s house.

Taylor Ledbetter

Author: Taylor Ledbetter

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