7 Reasons Why Donald Trump is Actually Awesome

At first when Donald Trump started Donalding all over national media, spouting the crazy things he’s known to say, I wasn’t a supporter. Very few of the absurd claims made in his speeches seemed backed up by fact or reason, and some of them just came off as odd. But as time has passed, I have had a slight change of heart. Whether or not this billionaire really knows what he’s talking about seems a little irrelevant compared to the fact that this man just does whatever the hell he wants, and I like that in a leader. Here are a few other reasons I like him as a leader.

1. The man has an overflowing bank account

The amount of which he read out loud in one of his campaign speeches. (8.74 billion)

2. He has absolutely no filter and insults almost every demographic

Whether it be women, solders, Hispanics, poor people… no one is safe from an abrupt, left-field comments.

3. His money is reflected in the color of his hair

I think I saw in one of his speeches it breathing and looking around for someone to attack.

4. He knows nothing about politics, yet is doing fine in the polls

People just seem to trust that this guy knows what he’s talking about

5. He insults everyone, and cares so little

Apart from insulting entire groups of people, the man is not above an angry twitter war with whomever he wants

6. He created his own TV show where he just fires famous people

Who knows why he does this. Maybe it’s just a power play that feeds the ever-growing ego under the golden locks.

7. All he wants to do is make America as awesome as he is.

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An avid, respectable goal that I may just be able to get on board with.

Author: Mikey

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