8 Facts You Should Know About Tyler Posey

Tyler Posey has been playing Scott McCall on MTV’s “Teen Wolf,” since 2011, and since his fame has skyrocketed. He is sweet, funny and just as sexy as a werewolf as he is a human. If you want to learn more about the actor, check out these 8 fun facts!


8. Posey almost played another famous werewolf we’re all familiar with. Prior to the 2008 release date, the actor auditioned for the part of Jacob in Summit Entertainment’s “Twilight,” played by Taylor Lautner. The two used to live in the same town and Posey didn’t realize he hadn’t gotten the part until Lautner told him he had just finished filming the movie in Oregon!



7. Not only does the actor play one of TV’s sexiest werewolves, but he is also musically talented. Posey sings, plays guitar and was even in a band called “Disappearing Jamie.” In 2011, they released their first EP, “You’re Going to Need a Towel,” and have performed at the famous nightclub The Roxy in West Hollywood.



6. On-screen, his character Scott McCall has a bromance with fellow “Teen Wolf” character Stiles Stilinski, but the relationship is even more intense in reality. Fans love keeping up with Posey and co-star Dylan O’Brien and their adorable relationship both on and off screen. Recently, both related in interviews that one of their favorite moments with each other was simply a night when they sat in O’Brien’s car and talked for house about “everything.” So cute!



5. Just like his character Scott, Posey loves motorcycles! In his free time, he enjoys doing custom work on his own, which he named James Van der Bike! Someday he hopes to race them and eventually own a mechanic shop with his father!



4. He was once engaged to long-time girlfriend Seana Gorlick. In the MTV special “Being Tyler Posey,” the two were chronicled as they planned their wedding. They had known each other since they were 12-years-old and had grown up together. Unfortunately, the two called off the wedding in 2014 and broke up. In an interview with US Weekly he said he isn’t sure if the two are still friends.



3. His big break came in 2002 when he starred as Jennifer Lopez’s 10-year-old son in the romantic comedy “Maid in Manhattan.” The two met again 12 years later when Posey hosted the MTV Teen Choice Awards where Lopez was a presenter. While J-Lo was on stage, Posey asked her “I know we haven’t seen each other since “Maid in Manhattan”But I thought that maybe if you needed a backup dancer, I’d fit. What do you think?”



2. In December 2014, Posey’s mother Cyndi, died of breast cancer. Previously that year, Tyler had surprised her with a trip to Ireland. He told fans and supporters that he was in therapy, and that he has looked to his own character for words of wisdom. In one episode, Scott McCall lamented, ” ‘Life isn’t always good, and life isn’t always bad.’ It’s that simple.” Very true!



1. Tyler loves getting tattoos! He says most of them represent what he’s passionate about, like acting and music. On his bicep, he has the first note from a Blink-192 song, which happens to be his favorite band. On his calf, he has the names of his two brothers, Jesse and Derek, that reads in both directions. He also has some on his ribs, shoulder and ankle. He said the most painful ones to get were the ones on his calves, mostly because he wasn’t expecting that much pain!




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