8 Facts about Musician Charlie Puth

Charlie Puth instantly became a worldwide sensation with the release of his single, “See You Again,” in 2015. But the singer/songwriter isn’t just you’re ordinary pop star. Here are 8 interesting facts you’ll want to know before you stream his first full-length album, “Nine Track Mind,” set for release in January 2016.

8. Like many other contemporary musicians, Puth got his start on Youtube. After posting a cover of Adele’s “Someone Like You,” with fellow artist Emily Luther, Ellen DeGeneres signed them to her record label, eleveneleven. He is now signed under Atlantic Records.


7. If you haven’t already noticed, Charlie has a scar on his right eyebrow that he got from a dog bite when he was 2 years old. The musician became distressed earlier this year when Puthers (as super-fans call themselves) began shaving their own eyebrows to match his!


6. Puth has both talent AND brains! He attended the Manhattan School of Music in New York City from 7th-12th grades, majoring in jazz piano with a minor in classical music. He also attended Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts, until graduating in 2013.


5. Although his hit song, “See You Again,” with rapper Wiz Khalifa was a tribute to the late Paul Walker, it also stirred up other emotions for Puth. The songwriter found inspiration for the lyrics from the emotions he felt after the death of a college friend. Because it came from a personal experience, he says, it only took him 10 minutes to write the song!


4. The singer has perfect pitch. He can replicate any musical note on the spot without having to try and find the correct key, like most of us do. Perfect pitch is very rare, and is one of the reasons Puth is such a talented musician.

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3. His guilty pleasure is watching E!’s “Keeping Up with the Kardashians,” and often turns it on as background noise. His favorite sister is Kourtney, because she is very matter-of-fact and career-oriented.


2. After getting his first keyboard, Puth wrote, produced and recorded his first album in the sixth grade! He even created the artwork for the project, and sold the Christmas album door-to-door. In true holiday spirit, he donated the proceeds to his local church.


1. His first full-length album, “Nine Track Mind,” is set to release in January 2016, after being pushed back from November. It will include hits like “Marvin Gaye,” “Some Type of Love,” and “One Call Away.” Counting the days, Charlie!




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