8 Phrases That Mean Different Things to Guys & Girls

When we talk to each other, it seems like we speak the same language. A guy and a girl should be able to have a conversation in English and both leave thinking the same thing. Does that always happen though? No. For some reason, the way we are genetically coded, some things that are said are taken two completely different ways. This is the source of a lot of arguments in relationships, but hopefully this list will show you what you need to elaborate on.


1.) “Night In” 

Girls: A cute, romantic night with a home cooked meal, followed by candle light, hot chocolate, and cuddling                           while watching a rom com.

Guys: Pizza. Video Games.


2.) “Dressed Up”

Girls: New dress, high heels, evening makeup, accessories galore, and a fancy new hairdo via Pinterest.

Guys: Something clean (or that doesn’t smell) that isn’t basketball shorts.




3.) “Date”

        Girls: An entire evening, dinner somewhere, he pays, very romantic setting.

Guys: Doing basically anything as long as it’s just the two of you.

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4.)  “Compliment”

        Girls: Something that is said out of the way to make you feel special i.e: You have a beautiful smile that shines like a thousand diamonds; You’re the most gorgeous woman I’ve ever laid my eyes on; Thou art the maiden of my wildest dreams, etc.

Guys: Something that is said out of the way to make you feel special i.e: Nice shirt.

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5.) Terms of Endearment”

        Girls: Sweetheart, honey, sugar, pumpkin, love, dear, darling, baby, pookie, snookums, angel..

Guys: Babe.


6.) “I don’t Want To”

Girls: What girls hear is “I don’t want to because you are a terrible girlfriend and I don’t want to spend my time with you because you’ve lost my love and I’m considering breaking up with you”. What guys mean is “I don’t want to because I don’t feel like it and I’d rather do something else with you”

Guys: What guys hear is “I don’t want to”. What girls mean is “How dare you ask me something like that I would never do that and you should know I don’t like that and now I’m offended that you don’t even know me well enough to know I wouldn’t want to do that”



7.)”I’m Fine:

Girls: Definitely not fine. Very angry or upset. Probably planning weapons of mass destruction against whoever make them angry or upset.

Guys: I’m fine.



8.) “I think I’m in love”

       Girls: This is a common thing to be said about every guy as soon as they do something slightly romantic.

Guys: He’s actually in love.





There are countless phrases that mean completely different things between guys and girls, and some are better at communicating than others. But next time you make plans or are arguing, make sure you elaborate a little bit on the point you want to get across.


Taylor Ledbetter

Author: Taylor Ledbetter

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