9 Things You Did Not Know about Ronda Rousey


1. When Ronda was born, she had her umbilical cord wrapped around her neck and went without oxygen for enough time to give her slight brain damage. Because of this, She was unable to speak until age 6.


2. Ronda Rousey has only dated guys named Bob. Her mother, Anna Maria De Mars, refers to all guys Rousey has dated as Bob. She does this because she believes there is no point learning a guy’s name if he is not going to be sticking around.


3.Ronda Rousey sat in a sauna for 5 hours, then beat Misha Tate in a race up a rock climbing wall, while completely exhausted and dehydrated. What a beast!


4. Ronda’s father killed himself when Ronda was 8 after suffering a back injury in a sledding accident.


5. Ronda loves coffee. She insisted her nutritionist draws up a plan that allows her to drink as much caffeine as she pleases.


6. Ronda’s favorite pokemon is Mew.


7. Ronda likes to Cosplay. Yup that’s right, that’s her dressed up as Sailor Moon


8. And if all of the gamers aren’t impressed enough, Ronda wants you all to know that she has a level 100 Night Elf Hunter on World of Warcraft.


9. By the way we may have forgotten to mention that she’s undefeated in the UFC with a 12 – 0 record and only 1 fight that lasted past the first round.


Author: Dan

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