9 Thoughts You have In the Carmichael Gym

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1.) I walked all the way to the gym from my dorm, does that mean I’m halfway done?

2.) Just kidding, I need to look good for the holidays. That way, when I go home and my family asks why I’m still single, I can say “I don’t know… I mean, look at me!”

3.) Okay, what’s first? I could do the elliptical, weigh- oh my gosh. Hottie on the treadmill. That definitely means I’m starting on the treadmill. Maybe I’ll get a date out of my trip to the gym.

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4.) Oh my God. I would have never come beside them if I would’ve known they were running like they’re training for a marathon. I feel like I’m dying and I’ve only been on here for 5 minutes. I can’t get off or they’ll think I’m weak. I can power through this for a mile or two.

5.) Why does that girl have on full makeup at the gym? First, that’s horrible for your skin. Second, if you get dressed up to come to the gym, you’re obviously not here to actually work out.

6.) Why am I even here? Oh yeah, I want to look like Beyoncé, that’s why.

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7.) Maybe I should start eating better so I don’t have to come here so often… Nah. I love Cookout.

8.) Oh yes! My jam just came on Pandora! I can work out to this forever!

9.) No, I can’t workout forever.

10.) That’s enough for today. I think I’ve earned a reward. On or two Oreos sound nice….

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Taylor Ledbetter

Author: Taylor Ledbetter

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