An Open Letter to My Best Friend

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Dear Best Friend,

If I haven’t told you lately, I love you. You are the sibling that I never had, because we know that our parents would’ve lost their minds trying to keep up with us. You have taught me so much about life. Before I met you, I had such a small view on life. I knew exactly what kind of food I liked, how I liked to spend my weekends, and what kind of adventures I wanted to go on. Then I met you. I learned about your life and all of the places you’ve been, the experiences you’ve had, your beliefs, and the way you view the world. No, I didn’t always agree with you, and to this day there are some things I still don’t agree with you on. Nobody has ever pushed me or challenged me to explore my wants and needs the way you have. I have grown so much as a person due to you making me question life and not being complacent. You’ve been there for all of the bad choices I’ve made and have never passed any judgement. That time I dyed my hair red you told me it looked terrible (because you’d never lie to me) but you still went out in public with me and never put me down when I went to get touch-ups. You didn’t say a word when I decided to go on a date with tattoo guy, or when I thought I’d look good with bangs. Sometimes you were the one suggesting crazy late night adventures and impromptu trips to get our ears pierced.

Thank you for always answering my calls, even the unimportant ones. You’ve sat and listened to me rant and rave about boys, work, and even things like the vending machine being broken because you know that I am whiney and you’re okay with that. You’ve never once told me to shut up when I’m being ridiculous and you always take me side no matter who (or what) I’m angry about. There have been several times I’ve shown up at your door crying and you didn’t even ask what was wrong, you just pulled me into a hug and did whatever it took to get my mind off of things. Going out with you is one of my favorite things to do because there is almost nobody else as crazy as me than you. We know we’re the best dancers around (in our own minds at least) and when we hit the dance floor together, we become the main event.

Also, thank you for letting me make your home my home. I know where your spare key is hidden, and show up unannounced most of the time, and that doesn’t bother you at all. I’ve slept on your couch, in your bed, and when I need to cuddle, you’re always there for me. Most people think we’re either related or in a partnership the way we act together, but we don’t really care because they’re just jealous of what we have haha. And it’s true, we have more picture of us kissing each other on the cheek than we’ve ever had of us kissing significant others on the cheek, but that’s because we love each other and our pictures are adorable. Thank you for being my shoulder to lean on, my partner in crime, my other half, my best friend.

Taylor Ledbetter

Author: Taylor Ledbetter

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