How to Start a Travel Blog – 6 simple steps

Maybe you like to travel and write in your journal. Maybe you’re the type of person to come home from a trip, only to babble on and on and on about it to your friends until your blue in the face or they’re green with envy. If so, you should probably start a travel blog and here are 6 steps to get you there.


Step 1:Discover your voice and stick to it.

It’s easy to be overwhelmed when trying to find the perfect formula for increasing engagement. At the end of the day, if you choose a name, be yourself, and know why you’re writing, your following will find you.


Step 2: Choose a blogging platform.

Don’t care much about design? Blogger is for you! Coding skills not up to par? Enjoy the ease of WordPress. Want to start a business? Check out Or there’s always the sleek designs of Squarespace. Whatever you choose, make sure the site best suits your needs.


3. Find a host.

It sounds scary, but honestly it’s the equivalent of a monthly coffee budget to rent a small piece of the internet for your site. Hosts like HostGator and Bluehost offer extreme customizability and add-ons to make your blog search friendly.


4. Get your social on.

Join all the big platforms–Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest– to spread the word about your trendy new travels.


5. Start an email list.

Followers can miss social posts, but emails go straight to personal inboxes. It’s the biggest asset for connecting with your readers.


6. Enter the world of Google Analytics.

It’s basically the standard for the industry, and understanding traffic referrals is the best way to grow your audience. Now, all you have to do is start blogging!


Author: lobstar

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