The 11 Best Music Moments from “One Tree Hill”

Who didn’t want to live in fictional Tree Hill, NC? Although it was full of small town drama, it was also full of love, beautiful friendships, and great music. From Peyton’s obsession with vinyl records to Haley James’ career as a solo artist, music was an unannounced character of “One Tree Hill.” The show is celebrated for featuring real-life indie artists who’d preform at the fictional bar TRIC. Some of today’s well-known bands even have the show to thank for their big break.

Let’s take a look at the 11 best music moments from “One Tree Hill”:

1. “I Don’t Wanna Be” – Gavin DeGraw

If “One Tree Hill” could be embodied in one song alone, it’d be in this one. The song was the show’s theme and helped DeGraw become a chart-topping artist. Watching the last scene at TRIC won’t ever stop being an emotional trip.

2. Chuck’s Show Tune

Chuck is considered Jamie’s annoying friend until we finally learn more about his background in season 9. He hilariously shares his passion for music with Chase and later with his idol, Chris Keller.

3. “Elsewhere” – Haley James (Bethany Joy)

This was the first time Haley shared her talent with Nathan. This is also the first major introduction to music’s imperative role in the show.

4. “It’s Tricky” – Run DMC

This scene added some much needed comedic relief to a dismal season – remember stalker “brother” Derek? Also, envisioning a grown-up Minkus partaking in amateur stripping makes this twice as hilarious.

5. “Disintegration” – The Cure

There are plenty of The Cure references in “One Tree Hill.” When Peyton meets her real mother, a new music library is introduced. They lightly argue over which The Cure album is the best, and Peyton suggests it’s “Disintegration.” She credits the entire album with making her fall in love with music. Peyton even spends a whole day painting the lyrics to “Lovesong” onto the River Court after Lucas drunkenly declares he hates her.

6. “Wannabe” – Spice Girls

Who didn’t want friends as tight-knit as these after watching their Spice Girls choreography? #squadgoals

7. “Dare You To Move” – Switchfoot

This scene marks the beginning of one of the best TV couples of all time. The song dynamically crescendos into the chorus as Haley makes her move and reciprocates Nathan’s feelings. #Naleyforever

8. “Ride” – The Cary Brothers

Arguably, the most emotional scene of the entire series. The song perfectly matches the scene and instantly evokes agony. However, the majority of our emotional grief can be credited to Nanny Carrie’s infamous return.

9. “Heartbeats” – José González

Likely the happiest moment in Tree Hill history. The state championship is won, Lucas finally acknowledges his feelings for Peyton, and all is well — or is it?

10. “Times Like These”- Foo Fighters

It’s graduation day, Karen has Lily, Dan decides to turn himself in to the police, and Haley goes into labor during her valedictorian speech?!

11. “Within You” – Ray LaMontagne

It’s like the end of an era. The original Tree Hill gang is preparing for life after high school and the promise of the unknown is in the air. We say goodbye to what was and prepare for what’s to come. Rewatching the clique gathered at the River Court will evoke some serious feels.


Finally…some Jamie Scott cuteness.



Author: Sydney

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