10 Weird Things College Students Do To Save Money

We’ve all been there. Money is tight, you have a week until your next paycheck rolls in from your minimum wage paying job, and you are too proud to ask mom and dad for some money. So, we all resort to doing some pretty bizarre things to save money that most financially sound people would shake their heads at. But, you’ve gotta do what you’ve gotta do.

1.) Sitting in the dark so that you save electricity because last month, your power bill was through the roof. You don’t really need to see where you’re going after 9 PM.

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2.) Eating random concoctions until your food resources are depleted. Why would you go buy more groceries when you can have an scrambled egg, pepperoni, and tuna fish sandwich? It doesn’t sound too gross when you’re starving. You may regret it later, but in the moment, it is delicious.

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3.) Drying your hair out the car window on your way to class so you don’t have to waste the electricity to run your hair dryer. Also, you read in Cosmo that the wind blown look is totally in style this fall.

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4.) Washing four loads of laundry in one washer beacause $1.25 is way too expensive per load. You just laugh at tags that say “wash on delicate cycle” and hey, if your white underwear turn out a little pink because of your red shirt, it happens. $1.25 may not seem like much to some people, but you know that when washing and drying each take $1.25 and you have four loads, then you’d be paying $10. Instead, you can pay $2.50 and put the rest toward your netflix subscription for the month.

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5.) Only eating out once a month. It’s normally a special occasion too, like a friend’s birthday. Do two of your friends have birthdays in one month? Too bad, you can only go out to eat with one of them. They’ll understand, they’re in college too. Also, you eat like you’ve never tasted real food before.

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6.) Rationing your AC and heat usage. You can always drink some water or grab some extra blankets.

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7.) Taking showers at the gym in the mornings to cut back your water bill. Plus, it makes you go to the gym in the mornings. Yay productivity!

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8.)  Going to club socials on campus for clubs you don’t even belong to just because you heard there was going to be free food. Free food will get you to any meeting.

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9.) Telling yourself you look bad in expensive clothes. However, you think that Goodwill and Plato’s Closet make you look like a fashion god.

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10.) Finally admitting defeat and going to visit your parents at home for the weekend and doing laundry and eating home cooking for a full 48 hours. Sometimes mom’s casserole and free laundry is enough to bring you home.

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Taylor Ledbetter

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