What to Do with Your Halloween Costume

Halloween has been over for a couple of weeks now. You might be one of those people that opted to buy a costume rather than get creative, and make it. So what should you do with that old Halloween costume you will probably never wear again?


1.Wear it again next year? This might not be the overtly creative answer you wanted but it’s one hundred percent a viable option. So what if you wear your costume again? It’ll be a year or so from now. A lot of people get creative with their old costumes for the next year and it actually ends up being better.halloween kiss

2. Sell it. Make some bank off of it. You probably won’t be able to get as much as you paid for it, but something is better than nothing. Another thing to consider is to maybe hold off till around next Halloween to sell it. Not only will that maximize selling potential, but that money can be used for a new and better costume.


3. Donate it. Someone out there might not be able to afford a costume or have the means to make one. Let them enjoy the holiday with everyone else.


4. Give it to a sibling or relative. If they can take all of your old clothes, then they can probably take your old costume. What else are they there for?


5. You can also keep it. Some people like holding on to their memories. So put that costume in a box and store it away for your grandkids to see one day.

halloween 2

6. Burn it. Just burn it. The more plastic the costume contains, the better. Just don’t forget to do it somewhere with a lot of open space, and avoid causing a forest fire. Go through the laws in your area quickly to before you decide to burn something into oblivion.


Author: Rasheed

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