Who Cares? Vol. 1

Who Cares? Vol. 1



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Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner are getting divorced, a tragic announcement owing to the fact that…

We don’t care.





Rihanna got a new tattoo! She recently shared a picture on Instagram of the year “1988” on her ankle, maybe because she keeps forgetting what year she was born in.

No one cares.




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Andrew Garfield is excited for the New Spider-Man movie. While he is not playing Peter Parker, he is happy for Tom Holland. What a nice guy.

Who cares.




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Joe Jonas turned 26. His brother left a funny little message on his instagram full of sentiment and love.

And we don’t care!




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Miley Cyrus complained about her life, citing fame has somehow made her into the monster she is today.

Still don’t care!





Britney Spears had a play date with her niece, taking a bubble bath and singing duets!

Keep it to yourself Britney.


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