World’s 10 Best Ferris Wheels You’ve Got to Ride

There is something about being on a ferris wheel– the thrill of being so high up meets the calmness of speed and makes for a very pleasant ride, often accompanied by breathtaking views. Here are 10 magnificent ferris wheels from around the world to add to your to-do list:

1. The High Roller– Las Vegas, Nevada

The High Roller was built in March 2014 and stands at 550-feet as the tallest ferris wheel in the world. The wheel is illuminated by colorful LED lights and towers over neighboring hotel plazas.

2. Tianjin Eye– Tianjin, China


Standing at 394-feet tall, the Tianjin Eye is the only ferris wheel in the world built over an actual bridge.

3. London Eye– London, England

This 443-foot tall ferris wheel is the most popular tourist attraction in the UK and was erected in 1999. The 32 capsules on the London Eye represent the 32 London boroughs, though they are actually numbered 1-33 because the unlucky number 13 was excluded.

4. Pacific Park Wheel– Santa Monica, California

The 85-foot tall Pacific Park Wheel gives riders a panoramic view of the southern California coast and is the world’s only solar-powered ferris wheel.

5. Wiener Riesenrad– Vienna, Austria

Riesenrad was constructed in 1897 and is the oldest operating ferris wheel in the world. It was the tallest roller coaster until 1985 and is still one of Vienna’s top tourist attractions.

6. Melbourne Star– Melbourne, Australia

At 394-feet tall, the Melbourne Star provides riders with 30-minute vistas of the city and coastline. This ferris wheel is notable because its spokes form a seven-point star as a nod to the Australian flag.

7. Singapore Flyer– Singapore

The Singapore Flyer, at 541-feet, was the tallest ferris wheel until 2014. This ferris wheel’s air-conditioned capsules carries a capacity of 7.3 million passengers a year.

8. Cosmo Clock 21– Yokohama, Japan

The 391-foot tall Cosmo Clock 21 was built in 1997 and doubles as a giant clock.

9. Niagara SkyWheel– Niagara, Canada

At 175-feet tall, the Niagara SkyWheel is Canada’s largest observation wheel. It is the newest, most exciting way to see Niagara Falls.

10. The New York Wheel– Staten Island, New York

The New York Wheel is slated to be the world’s largest ferris wheel, at 630-feet tall, when it opens in 2017. This ferris wheel will hold up to 1,440 passengers on a 38-minute ride and was designed by the same firm behind the London Eye.

Author: Cecilia

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