8 Worst Generation Z Disney Channel Original Movies

We are gathered here today to honor the life and memory of Disney Channel Original Movies (or DCOMs). Nevermore are the days of quality children’s television. Nevermore are children of today anticipating the countdown before the release of a new DCOM. And nevermore are the days of purposeful writing with social messages targeted at younger consumers. Today, we’re witnessing the decline of the DCOM.

Take a look at the 8 worst DCOMs since 2005:

This intro was the most exciting thing, ever, because we all knew cinematic excellence was about to go down.

1. Hatching Pete


We’re starting this list off with a movie we don’t think anyone actually watched. Jason Dolley and Mitchel Musso aren’t Disney’s most memorable actors and the movie’s premise isn’t much more memorable.

2. Bad Hair Day



This movie is literally about a girl’s bad hair day. No, really. On the day of Monica’s senior prom, all hell breaks lose and along the way a cop becomes involved with the storyline. Super boring, super shallow storyline. Also, why didn’t she just wash the products out of her hair?

3. Life is Ruff


Kyle Massey was the annoying younger brother from That’s So Raven. His role on that popular show allowed him his own spin-off TV show and this movie. Neither were very interesting.

3. Descendants



This movie was directed by the great Kenny Ortega whom we all know and love for Disney classics like High School Musical and Hocus Pocus. Descendants was a HUGE success, as it was one of the most-watched cable movies of all-time, however, the movie wasn’t such a success as a musical. We don’t know why Disney now feels inclined to force every actor to be a singer. Sorry Kenny, but we weren’t feeling the musical numbers. Conceptually, this movie could’ve been something, but the writing and special effects weren’t there.

4. Zapped



An interesting note was made in this movie about technology and how it is so embedded into our lives, but the story is based around the protagonist’s phone becoming zapped. This gives her the power to control boys and this is also where the storyline gets real bad, real quick.

5. Sharpay’s Fabulous Adventure



Does anyone like Sharpay? Did anyone actually watch this? A clear example of Disney attempting to milk a franchise.

6. Girl v. Monster


This movie tries to emulate the same feel as an episode of R.L. Stine’s Goosebumps. Unfortunately, it’s just really, really bad.

7. How to Build a Better Boy


Even the title makes us cringe. We loved this movie for it’s intelligent female protagonists, however, building anything other than the “perfect boyfriend” would’ve made this movie less superficial.

8. Cheetah Girls: One World



What is a Cheetah Girls movie without Raven Symoné? A movie that becomes remembered as one of the worst DCOMs.

What are your least favorite DCOMs?


Author: Sydney

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