13 Facts about Marilyn Manson You Didn’t Know

Marilyn Manson can sometimes seen in public with the words FUCK written across his forehead. When he encountered redditor /u/j_patrick_12 he explained that the words were not directed at him or anyone at the airport but the paparazzi. He did not want the paparazzi taking photos of him and selling them for money. He apologized for exposing children to profanity.

The very name Marilyn (for Marilyn Monroe) Manson (for serial killer Charles Manson) is inspired by the fact that both killers and movie stars are put on magazine covers, giving them both notoriety and elevating them as folk hero.

After the Columbine tragedies, Manson wrote a thought-provoking article “Columbine:  Whose Fault is It?” denouncing the way society immortalizes killers and then uses entertainment (particularly him) as a scapegoat.
Mason and his father did a photoshoot with Terry Richardson, resulting in this photo.

Marilyn Manson was interviewed by Bill O’Reilly. Rather than becoming angry at O’Reilly’s use of targeting questions, Manson remains calm and thoughtful throughout the interview and states “It’s better to use a curse word then to hurt somebody else, I find.”

After Paris Jackson, daughter of Michael Jackson, attempted suicide, Manson reached out to her and said, “I hope you feel better. You will be on my guest list anytime you want.” Full Story here.

Manson’s song, Killing Strangers, is inspired by his father, who was a member of the air force. Manson and his family were in a household dealing with the aftermath of someone who had inflicted violence.

In a 2015 interview, Manson states “I created a fake world maybe because I didn’t like the one I was living in. But that’s what made me make music. I had to fill in the gaps I’d created.”

Manson is best friends with movie superstar Johnny Depp. He was also briefly married to Dita Von Tesse and had a troubled marriage.

In an interview regarding the tragedy of Columbine, Manson was asked why his music was often used as scapegoat by the media and answered “I can see why they would pick me. It’s easy to put my face on the TV because in the end I am a sort of a poster boy for fear because I represent what everyone is afraid of; because I do and say what I want.”

Marilyn Manson played Ron Tully in TV show Sons of Anarchy. In his reddit AMA he says that the most challenging part was learning how to grow a goatee.

He is almost unrecognizable sans makeup.

For his makeup, Manson uses Christian Dior foundation, Aquacolor for the blue, and a mixture of different things for the black.

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